Adonai by Hillsong (this comes with chords and lyrics) is a praise song that tells us about our loyalty to Him and serve even if the world will fade away. The tempo is quite fast, but its lyrics are just awesome. Mighty to Save Album

Adonai by Hillsong is from the Album “Mighty to Save”.

Here are some of the songs of from the album Mighty to Save:

From the Inside Out – Which is a very beautiful song.

Mighty to Save – The theme song of the album.

For Who You Are – Worship song that gives a good beat.:)


by Hillsong

Intro: G#m7 B C#m7 B E C#m7

 G#m7	B
I lift my voice

I lift my praise to You

I lift my hands

 	     E    F#
I lift my worship to You

     G#m7	 C#/F		
And I love You more 

        E  F#
than I can say

 	G#m7	C#/F		
Oh I love You more 

than I can say	 


 	B	B/D#	 
Ever I will sing only 

      E	      F#
You will I adore

 	B	C#m7	
Glorify	my Lord only 

     E	      F#
You will I serve

For the world 

  F#/A#	B   E F#
will fade away

Still my song 

  F#/A#	B   E
to You remains

Only You will 

  B B/D# E F# B E C#m7 G#m7
I adore	   	      	   	    	    	   	      	 

   B/D#      E	   F# G#m7
Oh I love You always

   B/D#	     E	   F# G#m7
Oh I love You always

Here are some of the Hillsong Albums

United We Stand CD

By Hillsong United / Emi Cmg Distribution

You could feel in the air that history was about to be made as over 4000 passionate worshipers joined together to record the latest Hillsong United live worship album. United We Stand features thirteen songs, including “From God above,” “The Revolution,” “There Is No One Like You,” and more.

Faith + Hope + Love, DVD

By Hillsong / Emi Cmg Distribution

Recorded live in March 2009, over 3 weekends and locations, the people of Hillsong Church gathered across Sydney, Australia – in their respective campuses – and then united together as one in celebration of an ever good and gracious God. Led by the Hillsong worship team including Hillsong United, Darlene Zschech & Reuben Morgan, this album features 13 songs of faith in the midst of personal circumstances, hope in Jesus for the future, and love – one for another.

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