Ako Ay Lalapit by Musikatha is one of the most popular solo song from the album Banal Mong Tahanan. It is very solemn. I first heard this song being sung by one of my church mates.

If you want to play this song, it is best played if you will use plucking on your guitar.

It is devotional in form, so if you really like to sing a real devotional song, I recommend you to learn this very beautiful song.

I also recommend that you learn these couple of Musikatha songs:  Kabanal Banalang Diyos and Sumigaw Sa Galak.

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Song: Ako Ay Lalapit
By Musikatha
Album: Banal Mong Tahanan

Original Key: C#

Intro: D  -  A/C#  - Bm  -  A (2x)

D      A/C#    Bm       B7

Ako  ay lalapit sa Iyong harapan

Em       (A-Aug)  Em7      A

Puso  ko’y luluhod sa  Iyong kabanalan

D         A/C#      Bm    B7

At  kahit hindi man ako karapat-dapat

Em   (A-Aug)    A

Ngunit  sa biyaya, Dugo Mong nilaan

G     A

O Hesus

D - Bm - Em7      A             D - Bm   Em - A

Ako’y lalapit,       mag-aalay ng pagpupuri    sa ‘yo

D - Bm - Em7       A             D - Bm - Em

Ako’y aawit,        itataas ang aking tinig  sa Iyo

G      F#m  Em     A      D

Ako’y manana-han sa piling  mo

D  -  A/C#  - Bm  -  A  (A/C#  - Bm)

A           D

Sa piling mo O Diyos

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