All of My Days by Hillsong (this comes with chords and lyrics) is a worship song about using our days for singing the greatness of our God, speaking of his grace, and telling everyone of His wondrous love for us.

All of My Days by Hillsong is from the album entitled “You are My Word”.

Here are some other songs by Hillsong:

Everyday – is a praise song and is about how we learn to stand upon the word of our Lord and praying to know him more and more everyday.
Forever and a Day
– is about praising the Name of our Lord forver and living for Him to eternity.
Forever Reign – is about running in his arms for his love is always enough for us and nothing can be compared to it.

All of My Days

by Hillsong

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Intro:  E Esus4 E Esus4 E Esus4 E Esus4

Verse 1:
     E                 Esus4        E   Esus4  E        Esus4
Proclaim Your awesome power     Tell of mighty deeds
     E               Esus4    E   Esus4           E    Esus4
Declare Your future Kingdom     Of everlasting peace

              A2                           E/G#   B
And my eyes they look unto You always
          A2                              E/G#  B
And I am captured by Your Majesty

E/G#        A2            C#m7             B
All of my days  I will sing of Your greatness
E/G#        A2            C#m7               B
All of my days I will speak of Your grace
E              B/D#        A/C#            Ab7          A2
All of my days I will tell of Your wondrous love
         B               A2               B
Your love in my life     Your love

Verse 2:
E            Esus4           E         Esus4             E
All Your works will praise You     Your children bless Your name
      E            Esus4       E     Esus4           E
We speak of all Your goodness     We walk in fields of grace

Instrumental:  A2  |  B

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