Blessed by Hillsong is definitely a beautiful song that can touch your heart. It defines those people who are called “Blessed”. This song comes with chords and lyrics.

Psalm 1:1 – Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers.”


By Hillsong from album Blessed

Source of Chords: : hey, this song is great i hope bcoz this is my first time to tab a song and people who cpme across this plz e-mail me at bcoz i want to see how it goes thanks to all and especially hillsong b4 u guys det 2 read this um hey youth 4 christ sydney Aus West A this is my youth group and hi to all. thanks 4 ur tym Ray Villanueva

Intro:   GM7/C  GM7   GM7/C  GM7
Verse 1
Blessed are those 

  G/C	GM7/C - G/C
who dwell in Your house

	        GM7    G GM7 - G
They are ever praising You

GM7/C	G/C	Am7
Blessed are those whose 

strength is in You
			     D   G
Whose hearts are set, on our God.

D - A - Bm7 - G - 

D/F# - A - Bm7 - G

Verse 2 

Blessed are those who dwell 

D/G	DM7/G - D/G
in Your house

    DM7        D	DM7 - D
They are ever praising You
Blessed are those whose 

                  DM7/G D/G Em7  
strength is in You

A                 D
Whose hearts are set, on our God.


         G	       A				     
We will go from strength to strength, 

 Bm7                         A
'til we see You face to face

D              A              Bm    G
Heal our land, Oh Lord God almighty

   D/F#			       A             
Come bless our land as we seek You, 

Bm7   G
worship You


DM7/G-D/G  DM7/G-D/G  DM7-D DM7-D

Verse 2


Chorus (x2)


D - A/C# - Bm7 - G (x2)

        D		       G
For You are Holy, for You are Holy, 

A/C#    Bm7
for You are Holy Lord (x4)

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