Breathe On Me by Hillsong (this comes with chords and lyrics) is about telling our God to breathe on us. Teaching our heart and healing our soul for Him.

Breath on Me by Hillsong is from the album “Shout to The Lord 2000”.

Church On Fire – It’s a joyful song that sets the mood of the church to be on fire for the Lord.

Desert Song – is about how the God provides for us in times of need.

From the Inside Out – worship song about giving our heart and soul to our Lord.

Breathe On Me

by Hillsong

     G                  Cmaj9       D 
Breathe on me Breath of God 
     G                    Cmaj9       Dsus4         D 
Love and life that makes me free 
     G                  Cmaj9       Dsus4         D 
Breathe on me Breath of God 
     G                  D   C     Bsus4         B 
Fan the flame within me 

    D          Em7   D         Cmaj7 
Teach my heart, Heal my soul 
    D          Em7            Cmaj9       C 
Speak the mind that in Christ we know 
   G        Cmaj9    C   A7  D 
Take me to Your Sanctuary 
                    G       C 
Breathe on me 
     G             Cmaj9     Dsus4         D 
Speak to me Voice of God 
     G             Cmaj9     Dsus4         D 
Soft and still inside my heart 
     G             Cmaj9     Dsus4         D 
Speak to me Word of God 
     G                   D        C    Bsus4         B 
Comfort, heal, restore with love 

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