Church on Fire by Hillsong Australia (this comes with chords and lyrics) is literally not about the church on fire but it is about the presence of the Lord that lightens the church. It’s a joyful song that sets the mood of the church to be on fire for the Lord.

Church on Fire by Hillsong Australia is from the album “Touching Heaven Changing Earth”.

Eagle’s Wings – worship song that about wanting our Lord to come live in each of us and rise with him.

Break Free – is about breaking free to get up and dance in His love that never ends.

Free To Dance – is a praise song about how Jesus gives us joy that makes us feel like dancing freely.

Church on Fire

by Hillsong Australia

[INTRO] -> (baixo - riff) ( G B C C# D F D F G )   3X

C - G  - C - G

verse 1:
The Holy Spirit is here and His power is real
C                                                  C
Anything can happen and it probably will
Am                                          D               G    
Something very good, something good is going on around here

verse 2:
There's a light that shines to make the dark disappear
C                                                       C
A power at work but there's nothing to fear
Am                                            D            G    
Something very good, something good is going on around here

    C                      G
This is a church on fire
               D               Em
This is the Holy Spirit flame
                C          G
We have a burning desire
            Em       D
To lift up Jesus' name
           C              G/B
Let the fire burn in every heart
      C                   G/B
To light the way, defeat the dark
 C         C/A                    D
Let the flame of love burn higher
C                       D                         G    (baixo riff)
This is a church, this is a church on fire 

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