After my short Christian wedding song marathon, I have here the list of ten best Christian wedding songs that you may like for your wedding day. Simply click the song titles to go to the main post of the song.

The Best Christian Wedding Songs

  1. Arise My Love by Micheal Card – This is my theme song on our wedding day. As if I am singing this song to my bride as she comes and approach the altar to take her vow with me.
  2. House Hold of Faith by Steve Green – This is more like a wedding vow song. It’s just amazing that as you take your vow with your spouse, you also take your vow with God as you promise together to build a house hold of faith.
  3. Love Will Be Our Home by Sandi Patty – Sandi Patty did sung lots of of beautiful songs. And this one is definitely one of the best. If you are looking for a good Christian wedding song, this one is good.
  4. Holding Hands by Steve Green – This Christian wedding song is equally beautiful as the other songs. But it did not became as popular as the rest. But believe me, this one is beautiful.
  5. I Will Be Here by Steven Curtis Chapman – This Christian love song was not really intended to be a wedding song. However, this is frequently sung because its lyrics rightly fit the occasion. Though it is beautiful, this song is commonly sung during weddings. So if you are looking for a little bit uncommon, take this out of your list.
  6. Only God Could Love You More by Dwight Liles and Niles Borop – Many weddings have used this song already. And this song though short, this is very meaningful.
  7. Cherish the Treasure by Steve Green – I am not really sure if Steve Green is the original singer of this Christian wedding song, but this is definitely one of the best.
  8. Love of My Life by Jim Brickman – Jim Brickman is more popular in secular world than in Christian gospel singer. Though he is not really a hard core Christian singer, most of his songs, especially the love songs are inspired by Christianity. And he is known to have some association with Christian gospel singers like Micheal W. Smith. According to some sources, Jim is really a Christian who lives faithfully for God.
  9. Flesh of My Flesh by Leon Patillo – This song is one of the highly requested Christian wedding songs. However, this one is hard to find nowadays. I got the lyrics though. So, if you’ll have a chance to have a copy of this song, why not share it? The original version sounds like a country music Christian wedding song.
  10. This is the Day by Scott Wesley Brown – I have been a long time fan of Scott Wesley Brown. And this song is definitely one of the best out there. This song can be sung during the bridal march or vow song.

So there you have it. I hope you will love this list. And I do hope I can still add some more if there’s another one or perhaps you can help me build this list.

If you know any other Christian wedding song that you like us to include in the list, kindly post it in the comment form below. May this be a great help for those who will have their Christian wedding soon.:)

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