Yesterday, I attended the orientation of Bayanihan Church Planting of the Philippine Challenge. This is an answer to my prayers to restart our church planting program. And indeed, I was deeply challenged to implement and join this effort.
“Bayanihan” is a term used by Filipinos for group work of community development. And this time, Philippine Challenge adopted the term for multiplying churches here in the Philippines. The term itself means, group work for church planting.

Gone are the days of expensive church planting, gone are the days of solo flight church planting. Now is the day of what we call, “Bayanihan Church Planting”.

One of the best first lessons that I have learned is all about church planting coaching. As a pastor myself, I will become the church planting coach of the team organized within my own church. The plan is great though there are still lots of things ahead of us.

Today, I want to present you the main reasons or the advantages of church planting coaching. Why do we need it? Why in the world do we need a coach in church planting?

I must admit, I am new to the system. My family is engaged in church planting for the last 30 years. Though I have heard about the term, “church planting coach”, this is really my first time to be submerged with the church planting effort called, “Bayanihan Church Planting”.

Advantages of Church Planting Coaching

  1. To come up with a plan – Obviously, a coach is someone who plans. Like a basketball coach, is the game master, someone who sees the overall game. He is someone who instruct the players to work out the game. They usually call it “the game plan”. In every church planting effort, there is also a game plan. And the coach is the one who lead the planning with the church planting team.
  2. To have accountability – Church planting coaching also provides accountability. The facilitators help the coaches and check if the plan was implemented. The coaches also monitors the work of the church planting team.
  3. To openly evaluate the work – The coaching program of Bayanihan Church Planting gives us the opportunity to evaluate the work. Learning from each other through experiences is one of the best avenues of improvements in church planting efforts.
  4. To have encouragement – Having a team and some other people who are engage in the same ministry can give us encouragement. Bayanihan Church Planting promotes corporate efforts and building up one another. Furthermore, the church planting team can also have a good distance from those who can cause them discouragement.
  5. To help solve church planting problems – If encouragement with one another can be boosted, how much more is the problem solving? Since there is an exchange of ideas from different teams, problem solving will be much easier to bear and implemented.
  6. To have better resources – This doesn’t necessarily pertains to financial resources. Bayanihan Church Planting aims to have the cheapest means of planting a church, that’s why getting more financial resources is not part of the plan. Manpower, materials, and encouragements, these are the resources that will become readily available with church planting coaching.
  7. To develop a good contextualized plan – Dependency to foreign materials for planning is discouraged with the church planting coaching. Different places can have different applicable strategies. Different church planting teams can also have different situations. And best of all, we develop plans according to the need and applicable strategies and not book by book.
  8. To boost spiritual life while church planting – Having a good back up people, the coach, the team leader and those people who have committed their lives for planting, there is just a lot of people whom you need to be accountable with in developing deeper spiritual disciplines. Furthermore, Bayanihan Church Planting provides a program in developing deeper spiritual discipline.
  9. To best model ministry skills on the job – The new believers are the best people to be members of the church planting team. They can be the most zealous people for the job. Team leaders and other christians who committed their lives for church planting can disciple them best in the field by showing to them exactly what has to be done in sharing the gospel for people, thus, you can be producing new ministers out of new believers.
  10. To be more prayerful – Bayanihan Church Planting encourages prayer. We have a prayer time in every meeting. The program also require each one to pray for the church planting team and for their target baranggays.

Church planting movements have never been so fun. Having fellowship with other people who have the same interest and passion is truly a spiritual corporate work.

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