Today, I’m going to share to you 21 ways to share Jesus. Many people find it so difficult to look for an opportunity to share Jesus. So I made a short list here in some of the most effective ways in sharing Jesus. And I hope this will give you the idea of how to share Jesus without hesitations.

I divided it in two major parts, by method and by opportunity.

Ways to Share Christ By Method

Bible Study Through Contacts

Do you have a friend who is willing to have a Bible study? It’s easy to know if he wants to, you simply ask him if he is willing to commit for a Bible study. You would never know this unless you ask or invite him to do so.

This is definitely one of the most effective methods to apply to those people whom you have a relationship. The first disciples of Jesus used this method. They invited their brothers, friends and relatives to listen to Jesus.


Don’t get me wrong, but preaching can be done not only by a pastor, but also by ordinary members. This was first done by John the baptist as he prepares the way of the Lord, and when Jesus came, he also used this method of sharing salvation.

Though this is usually done now inside the churches, this can still be done outside the church. It was proven to be effective in the Bible, so I believe this one still could be effective in our time.

If you are a preacher, I strongly suggest that you read “The Preacher and the Act of Preaching” and “What Makes A Good Preacher”.

Evangelism Crusade

Evangelism crusade has been introduced during the reformation age. And of course we cannot forget the Wesley brothers, D.L, Moody, and Billy Graham in the history of evangelistic crusades.

Evangelism crusades are almost similar to revival nights. However, the huge difference is the main audience and the main content of the message. Evangelistic crusades is for the unbelieving world while revival nights is mainly for believers who are needs encouragement and spiritual renewal.

Evangelism crusade is mainly about sharing the gospel of Christ to the lost world. This is done by inviting our non-Christian friends to a massive gathering of hearing the gospel of Chrsit.

Revival Nights

As explained earlier, evangelism crusades may have similarities in form with revival nights. Though revival nights are mainly for those believers who needs encouragement, it’s still a good timing to share the gospel.

In massive gathering such as this, therea are always some people who have not yet accepted Christ. And this opportunity is just one of the best ways to do so.

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School is definitely one of the best ways to reach the children. Using this method open vast of opportunities to evangelize the children. The fact that we are teaching the children with Bible stories, and Christian values, we are already introducing them Christian living and of course, Christ.

House To House Evangelism

We rarely do this nowadays. But some other groups are still doing this because it was already proven to be effective. Though effective, this method is also a little exhaustive.

House to house evangelism is usually done by two’s. They will knock on the doors of every house possible and sit down with those who welcome them and immediately shares the gospel.


Living a good testimony is a real good asset as Christians. It is far easier to share God’s word if we live by it. Sometimes, you even don’t need to share Christ directly, but by simply living out what the Bible says, people sees and understand what it really means to be a Christian.

There are also times when you do house to house evangelism, instead of sharing biblical passages, some people simply share their own testimonies to the others on how they’ve come to know Christ.

Bible Story Telling

Bible Story has been proven to be one of the most effective ways in sharing the gospel of Christ. Since most people are audio visual learner, with matching cretivity of the story teller, this method of sharing Christ belongs to top most effective methods.

Bible story telling is not just for kids. To learn how to do it, kindly read my step-by step guide to do it.

Jesus used parables to teach people about the Kingdom of Heaven. And though these parables are not Bible stories in their time, the parables that he used are just full of truths and meanings.

Sunday School

Does your church still have Sunday School? Well, that’s great! It is one way of sharing the gospel. There are times that there are visitors in your church that attend Sunday School, and all you have to do is to make the most out of it.

What’s best in Sunday School is that your audience is free to ask questions. And the more he ask, the more opportunity that you can have to clarify your lessons.

Ways to Share Christ By Opportunity


Have you ever experienced sponsoring a Christian concert? Some churches do “cantata” and invite their friends. Through the lyrics of the songs, they are in a way sharing the gospel of Christ.

Furthermore, most Christian concert have a short sermon in the middle where people can hear the gospel clearly. So this is just a great opportunity to share God’s goodness through music.

Some associations try to organize a huge concert where they invite Christian singers like Gary Valenciano, Dulce Amor, and Jun Polistico who are also known in secular world to highly attract people to come. And this really works most of the time.


There are churches that do healing ministries. And if your church does, then this can be a good opportunity for you to share God’s word. You can talk about God as the great healer and the great comforter to your visitors.

Medical Mission

This is a very popular method of reaching to the communities. Usually, while the doctors are conducting their check up to the patients, some people are sharing the gospel to the stand-by patients. Just like healing, they share God as the great healer and comforter as well as the source of salvation.

Medical mission is also a great way of opening up a long-lasting relationship with the recipient community. This is why many churches still do this.


Do you have a friend who have a huge problem and is asking you for some advice? If you are for reaching him, you will make this opportunity to share the love of Christ and what the Bible say about his problems.

When someone is down and you encourage him, you are in a way building a good relationship with him and is a good investment for long-lasting friendly relationship. It is already proven that having a good relationship converts more results than sharing the gospel to a complete stranger.

Coffee Fellowship

This can be a good way to do if there’s a good coffee shop nearby and you have non-believer friends who loves coffee. In Baguio City Philippines, where it is cold, coffee fellowship is simply a nice opportunity where you can gather your friends and through it, you can insert the gospel of Christ.

It’s a little expensive though especially if you will have this sort of fellowship in Starbucks, but if you win one or two friends in the Lord, this is worth the investment.


My friend Tom Smith (author of Morning Manna and reached some of his friends for Christ through sports like golf and lawn tennis. And I tell you, this is definitely a creative way of establishing a good relationship to your friends.

Rule of thumb, simply creat a common neutral ground between you and your prospect. If you have the same likes, then it is a perfect way to start nourishing it until such time that he will be open to the gospel.


Funeral are just one of the best opportunities to share God’s word. The family is mourning, and sadness is all over the place. You can simply share God’s love and comfort to the bereaved family. You can hug them and show them your sympathy. Doing so is also about creating a good relationship with the family.

If you are asked to preached on a funeral service, you can preach about the reality of death and that each one of us should come humbly before the Lord and recognize that he is God putting our faith on Him. The good thing about the funeral is, most of the relatives of the deceased both the Christians and non-chrisitans are there.


This joyful celebration can definitely become a good opportunity to share God’s blessings on a wedding. It is where we can share how God works in marriages and what’s the kind of relationship he wants. This is where we can share the kind of family God wants.

House Dedication

House dedications can also be a good opportunity to share how God moves in homes. Please note that house are just buildings, but it’s the people that lives in it who have relationship with each other are the ones who make it a home.

During the ceremony, you can share about God’s blessings emphasizing that it’s not about “luck” but it’s all about God’s movement within the home.

In my experience as a minister, we also pray and dedicate for the building itself that God will protect it and those people who dwells on it.

Child Dedication

In child dedication, I think it is safe to share the importance of dedication and some biblical truths about it. We can share that the Bible teaches us dedication and not infant baptism.

In Filipino culture, child dedication is usually accompanied by sponsors who also stands as witnesses. Child dedication is a good opportunity where you can share what God wants the child to become in the future. You can share about the importance of godly parenting.

Small Group

Most churches nowadays have small groups. Our church alone have 5 small groups. Each group is responsible for inviting their non-believing friends to join them. This is usually attractive to do since most people inside the group have the same likes and dislikes. So it means that at least most of them can relate with each other well.

Assuming that there is a good relationship existing between them, sharing the gospel within the group is not so difficult and most of the time has friendlier approach.


The fact that you are reading this post is the fact that I am using this as an example on how we can propagate the gospel not only in reality, but also in virtual reality. Your possible audience? Thousands and probably millions of people around the globe.

This is the power of technology. And I suggest that you start using it. You can share the gospel in many ways like blogging, micro-blogging, websites, networking sites, twitter, etc. There are just hundreds of ways to do it on the net.

There you have it! A brief summary of 21 ways where you can share the gospel of Jesus to your friends and family.

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