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Improving Bible Reading Habit

Do you have a poor habit of reading your Bible? You know it’s right to read your Bible but you just feel it’s boring to do it. And no matter how much you encourage your children to read their Bibles, they just won’t do it and neglect it all the time.

Fear not, for you are not alone. There are litereally millions of Christian families out there that has the same struggle. So let me give you some proven Biblical techniques that can improve Bible reading. And you may also want to apply these to your self.

Impress It To Your Children

Sometimes, we parents literally neglects teaching our children the proper Christian values and reading our Bible. There are two ways where you can impress it to your children.

By house rules – Make Bible reading as a part of your house rules. Training your children to read their Bibles is a long process. Yet if they started reading the Bible since they are kids, there is a higher chance that they will keep on coming back to God’s words as they grow up.

Do not believe with those people who say Bible reading should be a choice even to your children. The Bible never taught the parents to give their children the freedom to refuse studying God’s word. While they are young, impress it to them. Time will come that you will let them decide to do it. And you will just be amazed that your children are not only excellent Bible readers but excellent Christians who obey God’s words.

Putting up house rules on reading the Bible is just one of the best ways to start right in raising children.

By upbringing – When I say upbringing, I am referring to how you showed your children how to read the Bible. The best way to do this is for them to see that you yourself is reading it. The problem with many parents is that they require their children to study and read the Bible while they are exempting themselves in doing it.

Remember that you are the role model of your children. If you don’t read your Bible, don’t expect your children to be reading it as well.

Make it a Habit Talking About The Bible

The problem nowadays is that we feel awkward to talk about the God’s word all the time. Especially now that the US government prohibited anyone to read the Bible or pray publicly. This is actually just a result of our refusal to talk about it.

Whenever I ask younger generations why they don’t talk about the Bible, they will just answer that it is completely out of topic.

This is the reality, our children is not able to connect themselves with importance of reading the Bible simply because it has not been a part of their daily living and they seldom hear it. And most of the time, they hear it only in the church.

If you are a parent, talk about the Bible as much as possible. Talk about how God forgives the repentants and punish the wicked as you discipline your children. Talk about how God provides for the food as you eat. Talk about how God created the world when you go out for picnic.

I know, making it a habit takes time. But once it becomes a habit, it will be inside you. And your day will be lacking without it.

Put On Wrist Bands and Other Body Accessories that Has Bible Verses

I was amazed to realized that wrist bands and the like is not totally new. In fact, it was already there during the early times of Israel.

Today, you see some wrist bands that says: “WWJD”. Well, that’s a good start. But the best is the multi-colored wrist band similar to the ”Wordless Book”. It’s a wrist band with black, white, yellow, green and red colors. And you can simply present the gospel out of those colors.

Perhaps you can also put some verses in bangles and necklaces. What about to your caps? There are really lots of cretive ways to do it.

Printing Bible verses on shirts, pens, pencils, notebooks, coffee mugs etc., are just some of the most creative ways to do it. We do it for creating identity for our organizations. And as Christians, there is really nothing wrong in doing it as well.

Place Bible Passages In Your Doors And Walls.

Isralites have been doing this even before. Today, some of us also do this. But sometimes, we already neglect these things.

Try to make or buy some real door and wall decorations that has Bible verses and put it on your doors.

When I was a kid, I see the wall decorations of my grandmother who use to cross-stitch. And she’s been making wall cross-stitch frames with Bible verses written on it.

If we have spent lots of money buying and improving our homes for various decorations and accessories, why can’t we buy some house decorations with Bible verses?


The idea of improving our Bible reading is very simple. Soaking ourselves with it by surrounding ourselves with God’s word and hearing about it all the time. Impress it to your children, talk about it all the time, put it as a body decoration, and put it as a decoration in your doors and in your walls.

That’s the secret of improving your Bible reading habit. The four tips was taken in the book of Deuteronomy 6:6-10.

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