If you are having a hard time finding free discipleship tools and materials, then this is your blessed day. Below are 5 great free sources of discipleship tools and materials that can certainly help your church.

The Disciplers – Well, I will not be bragging about this site, but I just want to make this point, I made this website to be a portfolio of free discipleship materials and lessons. The goal is to provide the necessary tools not only for ministers but also for ordinary members of the church to make an impact to the Christian community.

The Disciplers cover daily devotional materials which is the Morning Manna, Christian music, Bible stories, theology, morality, sermon outlines, preaching materials, Bible study materials and discipleship materials. Not to mention sermon illustrations and some other things connected to it.

It is undeniable that The Disciplers is simply growing its data base daily with all this stuffs.

So if you are really looking for a discipleship website where you are looking for real tools for discipleship, I would say that this could be the best website where you can start with.

Some of the discipleship tools that you can start with are the following:

Discipleship Tools This website fully compact with discipleship materials. Undoubtedly, its main purpose is just to provide discipleship materials that you can use.

Discipleship Tools is only a part of the “In Thy Word” Ministry Websites. They have several websites that focuses on pastoral training, spirituality, discipleship, studying the Bible, etc. I think this is the biggest online resource that you can ever get if you are looking for discipleship materials.

The Discipleship Ministry Though this website is not that rich with discipleship materials, but those that are available are just outstanding and very useful.

Many of their materials are in PDF format which are readily downloadable.  All you need is an Acrobat Reader which is also provided over the net for free.

Disciplers – This website is highly focused on discipleship. Their materials seem to be highly organized and very useful. So if you are planning to have a good discipleship curriculum, this website can probably be very helpful.

If you know other sites who give free discipleship materials, kindly post the links in comment form below. And tell us something about what they give. Thanks!!!

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