Goodbye 2010 and Welcome 2011!!! It’s time to make some changes within our Church. Trying and implementing new things in your church this 2011 wouldn’t be bad at all. Try to consider these few things:

Make Evangelism Efforts Systematic

If the evangelism efforts of your church is so strenuous, then perhaps it is now time to make some modification. Evangelism requires a lot of efforts and most of the time turn out to have no fruit. This is why we need to make it a little bit more systematic.

To solve this exhaustion, you need to implement an easier and practical methods of evangelisms. Methods should be cost and time efficient. It also need to be transferable and reproducible.

Put Some Strategies to Your Discipleship Methods

Don’t just teach and disciple. Put some strategies on your discipleship. Make it alive, make it creative, make it attractive. And all the more, make it time and cost efficient. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Believe me, disciples cannot be bought by money.

There are two main things that you need to highlight;  doctrinal and Christian living. These two things are necessary for spiritual growth and should be developed at the same time.

Customize Your Discipleship Lessons

Other people call this as “contextualization”. It needs to be fitted with the people. Do an evaluation first of what kind of church are you before implementing this to your church. Here are some good questions that will help you answer this need:

  • What is the language you mainly use in the church?
  • What general description can you describe your church’s culture?
  • What is the average educational attainment of the general membership?
  • What is the average attendance do you have in your church during Sundays and prayer meetings?
  • What exactly is lacking within your church? Is it ministry involvement? Is it discipline? How about spiritual convictions? Etc.

These questions will give you a good grip of understanding and knowing what kind of your church are you. And from this, you can start planning and brainstorming ahead of time the best applicable program you are to implement in your church.

Restructure General Church Programs

Try to restructure your general church programs for a change and for betterment. This can excite many of your members especially those those who really seeks for a change.  For example, growth groups, prayer meetings, Sunday services, etc.

Be a little careful though, because not all members wants change. This is why evaluation is more needed. Just remember, there is no such thing as perfect program, but there could be best programs that can be implemented that will best fit to your church. Here’s some guidelines that you can follow for restructuring:

  • Learn from the past. Try to look back and avoid those programs that did not work, or if you can’t avoid it, upgrade it.
  • Changes must be gradual or else the general membership of your church will be in the state of culture shock.
  • The whole leadership of the church should know, supports, and are involve in the restructuring of the programs.
  • Take note of your church evaluation and base the program restructuring on the result of that evaluation.
  • Do not be strict and maintain an open mind that not all people can easily adopt change. This might anger some of the members who were already deeply rooted with the church’s culture.

Now is the time to implement and see improvements in your church.

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