We all know that in every church activity, prayer always pray a vital role for the success of such activities. Today, I would like to give you 4 things to pray if your church is engaged in any church planting efforts. 

1. Open doors – pray for more open doors that will accept you for Bible study. More open doors, means more possible fruits, and more people will hear about the gospel.

Open doors are the people who will be welcoming you in their houses where you can conduct Bible studies. It is where you will have the opportunity to share the Gospel of Christ freely to your hearers who are willing to listen.

Sometimes, open doors are being called the “Man of Peace” for they have not only welcomed you, but they also welcomed the gospel of Christ.

2. Proclamation of the Gospel – You will have to pray that the Gospel will be proclaimed clearly to your target groups. That the gospel will work in the lives of your listeners. That they will openly accept it while on the other hand, the gospel will be clear to them.

Pray that there will be no hindrances in the proclamation of the Gospel. Pray that demonic forces will not be able to do anything against the proclamation of the gospel.

3. Continuity of the new believers – Pray that the new believers that you are ministering will continue to worship the Lord. Expect that they will have their down times, and discouragements especially when persecutions against them will start to emerge. But pray that despite of those hardships, they will continue to hold on to their faith and serve God faithfully.

If possible pray with them. This will not only give you a better relationship with them, but they will also feel that you are concerned for them.

4. Thanksgiving for the successes – If successes will be achieved through your evangelism efforts. In everything give thanks to the Lord. It is also very important that you recognize the work of the Lord all the time.

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