Young people are blessed with so many things. And there actually lots of things that we need to thank God for those blessings. I listed here only four things to thank God for being young because these are the things that are really helpful to us as young people.

4 Main Things To Thank God

  1. You have someone who feeds you. I think most of the young people specially those who goes to school is supported or living with their parents. The parents, other members of the family, and the adoptive parents are usually the people who feeds us.Usually, they are the people who buy and prepare our food. Not to mention in providing the things that we need apart from the needs in your school. They are your first teacher and your first school is your house.

    Isn’t it something to thank God that we need not to work for our food because someone is providing it? Isn’t it something to thank God that we are getting lots and tons of freebies all for free? God blessed you with people who are willing to spend resources for you, not just because of the so-called responsibility, but because they love you.

  2. You have people supporting for your study. Some of you are probably working students. But even if you are a working student, you have to thank God for your boss for accepting you as a “part-time” worker. These people are still the supporters of your study. And how much more those who doesn’t have to work because you are well supported?When was the last time your thank your parents, tito, tita, lolo, lola, and your boss in your part-time work for supporting you in your studies? Or how about thanking God for giving them to you?

    You just don’t realize it, but these people are gifts from God. Without them, I really doubt if we can ever get to school. Noticed those out of school youth? They are not in school because most of them have no parents, some though have parents, they don’t care for their kids. They don’t have someone to help them and guide them in schooling.

  3. You are more intelligent than the adults. I am not saying that you have more wisdom than the adults. I just mean you can cope up more in learning than the adults. The adults usally start to have “memory gap” when they step in the age of 40.Young people are fast learners. Teaching young people to use computer is easier than teaching the adults how to type. The adult’s hand reflexes are stiffer compared to the young people.

    Teaching the young people to speak other language is easier than teaching the adults. Young people’s tongue are softer than those of the adults. This is why if you noticed, the children are easier to teach with language. And as we grow older, it become harder for us to collect and store those language information because there is already a whole bunch of that in our subconcious mind.

    The brain of the young people is similar to a brand new hard disk having only the basic programs installed. This is why they are faster to process program operations while more programs can be installed in it.

    On the other hand, the brain of the adults is like an old hardisk having full load of information. Program applications become buggy when lots of programs are open. Fewer information can be installed.

  4. You have lots of time to enjoy life. What can be more fun than to enjoy life? When you become adults, though there are more opportunities to enjoy life because you already have the money (granted that you landed a good job) that you can spend for the enjoyment that you are seeking, still you are tied up with your jobs and responsibilities.When you start to have your own children, you will then realize that becoming a parent is not easy. You will be tied up with your responsibilities as a father or a mother to your children. You will be tied up with your work and business.

    As a young people, you have all the time to enjoy life. You can go out with your barkada. You can watch movies, you can play games, you can have a group date, etc. While the adults are looking for ways to earn money, you are looking for ways where to spend your money. When is the best time to enjoy life? That is when you are still young. And this is something to thank God.

Being young is one of the most wonderful things that happens in our life. Once it passed away, it is gone forever. And we need to enjoy it while we appreciate God’s creation of life. There are trials and difficulties that we will be facing, but those are just the spices of life that will make you appreciate God’s creation.

When are we going to thank God for all these blessings? The book of Ecclesiastes 12:1 says: “Rember your Creator in the days of your youth…” Today, is the best day to thank God!

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