Many preachers doesn’t care writing their sermons in detail. I still remember my father who was also a pastor, all he does is write his sermon outline and that’s it. He does his study, make some notes, but not a manuscript.

However in my time now, I decided to write my sermon in detail. I may not be using word for word in it during preaching, but it does help me in a lot of ways.

So today, I am going to share to you my 5 reasons why write your sermon manuscripts.

It gives you more details – When you write sermon manuscript, it makes you more detailed on the things that you will want to cover during preaching. It will give you a more detailed notes on your study which can include terms, important phrases and many other details including illustrations that you are going to use.

If there’s more details on it, then it can be more useful in the future. When you go back to those notes later, it will be a lot easier for you to modify or fix it. You will not get lost.

That’s the challenge when you go back to an old sermon. You will have to study it all over again and try to understand it again. However, if you do have a more detailed notes, if you do have a sermon manuscript, it will give you a head start.

It gives you a guide during preaching – I still remember when I just started preaching. It’s difficult to remember all the things that you want to cover. However if you do have a manuscript, it will serve you as your reminder. It will be easier for you to cover all things necessary in your sermon.

It’s hard to remember everything when your heart start pounding hard in front of so many people. So the best way is for you to have notes. If you have your manuscript, then you have your entire notes

It gives you an opportunity to go back to what you preached in later time – I already mentioned this one. It will be a lot easier for you to go back from your studies when you have a complete notes of your sermon. It will give you a lot of head start and reuse it as needed.

Review it, reconfirm your notes and if possible improve it. In this way, you will have a better sermon when you deliver it.

It gives you a chance to modify it and make it better – Don’t just stop with what you have written in the past. If you can modify it and improve it, the better. In this way, you will always have a fresh sermon to deliver instead of something that you already delivered in the past.

Reviewing and modifying your sermon also gives you the advantage of editing it in the process. So what you will have is a completely improved sermon.

It gives you more flexibility in its use – What would feel if you can have more than just a sermon? If you write your sermon manuscript, you will be able to modify it and improve it. And when you modify it, you can also modify it as lessons, as series as if you are writing a book, or probably a blog if you do have a blog. It gives you a whole lot of flexibility.

An Optional Way

If you have been following me for quite a while, I have been writing all my sermon manuscripts. So I decided to help other people. This is also the reason why I started teaching people how to make sermons and encourage people to write sermon manuscripts.

Writing sermon manuscripts can be tedious if you are not used to it. So I decided to also make my sermon manuscripts available for other people to use it, to modify it and improve it. It’s not free, but it surely does save you a lot of time working from scratch, and does saving you money in the long run since you have save time. Remember, time is gold.

You can check my shop here on The Disciplers and you can download my sermon manuscripts in no time. You will get the rights to modify it and even improve it you want without worrying for copyrights.

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