Filipino Christian Wedding

Bishop Levy Erasga officiating the wedding

Filipino Christian Weddings are often times expensive but you and your bride have a tight budget. Many couples postpone their wedding because their money is not enough. But guess what, you don’t really have to make it difficult for you. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars just to have a meaningful wedding.

Many couples resolve their problem to a huge debt after the wedding. But you don’t have to make your first few months as a couple miserable for paying a huge debt that you spent in your wedding.

Below are just some of the tips that can make your wedding cost a little cheaper yet remains meaningful.

Get your wedding materials from bargain centers.

If you live in the Philippines, I’m sure you have heard of Divisoria. It’s just a perfect place to gather your wedding materials. Believe me, a few thousand pesos (maybe a couple of hundred dollars) is already enough to give you some good materials including your bride’s gown and wedding ceremony set, with matching Barong and pants.

The problem with many brides is that they want to spend so much for their wedding gown which they will only use once. Believe me, spending so much with the wedding gown is not worth it for a couple of hours ceremony. Wedding gowns from Divisoria are lot cheaper, but I can assure you that they are elegant as those that you see in malls.

Brides, please just be practical. The price of your gown does not necessarily mean its beautiful.

Estimated Cost Reduction: 50%

Make your own invitation.

Make your own wedding invitation. You don’t have to pay more than $3 per wedding invitation. You can actually make a wedding invitation for less than $1 each. Simply buy your invitation materials from Divisoria or bargain centers and add a little bit of your creativeness and that’s all you need.

After all, your invitation will just go to stock pile of mails after your wedding

Estimated Cost Reduction: 75%

Set your wedding around 6-7am or 2-4pm.

Usually, food is one of the most expensive part of the wedding budget. But don’t worry, there is a solution to that. You can set your wedding early morning, as in 6-7am. Approximately, you will end your wedding ceremony around 8 or 9 am where most people have their breakfast or snack.

You can also set your wedding around 1-3pm. By 4pm, you are already on your way to reception where people only eat snack.

Yes…. SNACK or BREAKFAST. That is the key. It is when people don’t eat much. Coffee, juice, tea, choco or milk drink is a lot cheaper than softdrinks. Egg and sandwich is much cheaper than a full lunch or dinner meals.

Estimated Cost Reduction: 50%

Encourage your sponsors to be real sponsors.

Since we are discussing Filipino Christian wedding, allow me to give a short background of our tradition. By tradition, usually, the couple are the one who sponsors the secondary sponsors. But let’s get over it. The idea is, we want to help the couple. Why burden them with the clothes?

As a couple, before you make the final list of your sponsors, ask them first if they are willing to spend something for their own clothes. But please, have their dress designed to be simple and still wearable even after the wedding so that they won’t hesitate spending on it.

Estimated Cost reduction: 100%

Avoid hiring a make up artist.

Sometimes it is hard to analyze why in the world we want to hire expensive make up artists when there is only a little improvement that can be done with makeups? I was shocked upon knowing that an ordinary make up artist actually charge about $20-40 per face for just a couple of hours used.

And believe me, there are lots of times that I have seen a bride that spent too much with make up yet it did not helped her at all in displaying her beauty.

Here’s a good tip for the brides, please, just keep your make up simple and light. I’ve seen many bride who looks like zombies in their pictures because of their thick make up. And it doesn’t worth it.

May I suggest that you simply ask one of your friends to put you some make up instead of hiring someone.

Estimated Cost Reduction: 95%.

Encourage your friends who have video cam and digital camera to bring it during the wedding.

Of course, it is always best to have a professional photographer and video artists to cover your wedding. But if you have a tight budget, simply get the basic package of your photo-video coverage and ask your friends to bring their digital cameras and videos.

Allow them to take photos. All you have to do is to ask someone to prepare a laptop that has a huge harddisk space. Right after the wedding, instruct your friends to lend your computer man their camcorders and digicams to get a copy of the wedding pictures. Have it burn to a blank disk immediately.

All you have to do next is to choose the best pictures from the collection for printing. And there you have it, a huge collection of your wedding pictures.

Estimated Cost reduction: 50%

Use your friend’s car as bridal car if you don’t have one.

Don’t bother to hire a bridal car. I’m sure you have at least one friend who have a car. A simple decoration is already enough for it to look like one.

Ask him if possible that the gasoline and usage for the car will be his gift to you.

Estimated Cost reduction: 75-100%

I hope these ideas will help you get your wedding done. It doesn’t have to be expensive. There is no money that can buy a home full of love.

How about you? How did you make your wedding a little cheaper?

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