Bible study leading is very important part of evangelism effort of the church. Whether you are leading a devotion in prayer meeting or you are leading a cell group, you do Bible study. Even if you are sharing the gospel to someone, you are doing a Bible study. Thus, it is important that you have to know how to make that Bible study effort effective.

I have here 9 things to improve it.

Bible Study Leading1. Eye Contact. Most newbie leaders neglect this very important gesture. Eye contact makes personal connection to your listeners. Without eye contact, your listeners will find it hard to internalize the message you are telling them because you are not talking to them. In any public speaking engagement, eye contact is what connects you and the hearers.

2. Voice should be heard by your audience. Do not reserve your voice. It has to be heard by your audience. Your voice has to be loud enough to be heard in the entire room and if you can change intonation from time to time, the better. It gives life to your speaking engagement because it creates emotion depending on the tone that you use.

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3. Good lively illustrations. Funny or emotional illustrations can indeed help a lot in keeping your audience awake. If you use it effectively, your audience will even be talking about it after the event. However, make sure that you only use relevant illustrations so that it won’t lead you to any other topic and that your audience will be able to relate with it in the context of what you are teaching.

4. Make connections. There are times that your illustration is hard to connect. In that case, you can help your audience by telling them how they are connected with each other. Remember the eye contact thing? It will be a great help as well

5. Avoid too many quotations. Sometimes you are tempted to use too many quotations in your Bible study. Quotations are good, but if it’s too many, it is a waste of time and energy while your audience does not understand fully what you are talking. Use them one at a time. Furthermore, you should be studying what the Bible says and not what other people says.

6. Avoid too many memorizations. The most boring part in a Bible study is the memorization time. Though we all know that it helps a lot especially in times when we are in trouble, the fact is, memorization is not the attractive to most people since most people is already fed up memorizing their lessons in school. Just pick one thing that people can memorize, yet does not sacrifice its usefulness.

7. Know what you are teaching, study in advance. Many Bible study leaders do not study in advance that’s why they find it hard to lead. Worst, they get into trouble of teaching the wrong thing. In every speaking engagement, it is important that you study in advance so that you will be well versed on the things that you are going to present in your group.

8. Internalize what you are teaching in advance. Bible study is not just boring, it is also not effective if you as the one teaching is not able to internalize what your lessons. It has to be true in your life, or if not yet, you have to pray that it will be in your life so that when you teach it, you will be teaching it with dignity and not as hypocrite. This is very true if your Bible study topic is all about Christian living.

9. Be time conscious. Everybody’s time is very important, so you need to value it. If it is time to stop, then stop. Always monitor time so that your group will be encouraged to go back for more especially if it is not eating up their time for other things.

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