Christians Were Also Victims of Typhoon Ondoy

For the last few days of following the news, I could not help but to let tears fall from my eyes seeing my fellow Filipinos suffering from the catastrophic effect of the Typhoon Ondoy. There were already close to 100 death toll and still unknown total numbers of missing people.

We are not talking about remote places, we are talking about the capital city of the Philippines, Manila along with surrounding metro provinces like Rizal, Bulacan, Pampanga, Cavite, etc.

Typhoon Ondoy already have damaged about Php95M worth of crops in Calabarzon alone (Inquirer). Hundreds of millions in damaging properties like vehicles, houses, appliances, etc.  Thousands were in evacuation areas. Hundreds of people were now getting sick.

My dearest brethrens, I encourage you all to pray for the Filipno people. We are in the midst of crisis.

We have lots of Christian brothers who were also affected by typhoon Ondoy. And worst, there is another typhoon threatening the Philippines within two to three days. Pray that God will intervene on these catastrophic event. May God save the Philippines.

Some Evangelical Churches Within the Affected Areas

  • Cainta Baptist Church – Cainta
  • Pag-ibig Baptist Church – Taytay
  • Evangelical Baptist Church – Cainta
  • University Baptist Church – Morayta Manila
  • GCF East Manila – Taytay
  • Pasig Baptist Church – Pasig
  • Methodist -Taytay

I know there are more. But these were the only Churches that I am associated and familiar with.

If you want to donate something, please contact ABS-CBN for instructions. Their website:

Below are some pictures and videos taken during and after Typhoon Ondoy

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