Beginning Discipleship Lesson 3 “A Call to Reproduce” Whom will you tell about Jesus?

Continue to conduct small group worship.  Be sure to let them lead as much as possible in all aspects of your worship.  Continue to hold them accountable for obedience.

The items for accountability are:

  • Is Christ still Lord of your life? Are you letting him be king of your life?
  • Did you read your Bible at least 5 min/day?
  • Are you hearing God  speak to you during your QT?  (Have them show journal or share 1 insight from their reading and their obedience to what God showed them.)
  • Did you share the Gospel with at least 1 person this week?  Tell me their name.
  • Are there any broken relationships that need to be reconciled?  What did you do to return to a good relationship?

Review previous story/lesson

Spiritual Emphasis Disciples should be reaching out to others.  Oikos lines are the most natural.

Survey on how people we brought to church

  • 5% –  Through a Pastor
  • 2% –  Through Church programs
  • 4% –  Through Sunday School
  • 1 %-  Through Evangelism (crusade)
  • 84%- Through relatives and friends

Tell this lesson as interestingly as you can.

1. Summarize in your own words or read Acts 10:1-23. Then read v.24  Who had Cornelius invited to his house to wait to hear a message from God’s messenger?   (His relatives and his close friends.)

2. Read Acts 10:44-48.  What happened to all those who had come to hear Peter’s message?  (The Holy Spirit fell on them just as it had on the first group in Jerusalem. They spoke in other tongues, and probably were baptized very soon, probably that day.)

3. Summarize Acts 16:16-28 or read aloud Where is Paul this time?  (In prison) What are he and Silas doing while they’re locked up? (praying and singing hymns and praises to God.)  What happened in v. 26?  (There was a violent earthquake.)

4. Have someone read v.29-34. Who else was saved along with the jailer? (His whole family.)

5. Summarize Mark 5:1-20.  This is the story of the man with the legion of demons. At the end of the story, he wanted to go with Jesus.  Did Jesus let him go with them? (No) Where did Jesus tell him to and what was he to do?  (He was go back to his own family and tell them how much God had done for him.  He went out and told everybody in the Decopolis (( that is, the 10 Cities)). )

[Have them practice retelling the lesson stories to each other in pairs, then-]

Discuss with these questions:

The man who had previously had a demon, how much time had he spent with Jesus?   (Very little time.)

  • What did Jesus tell him to do?  (Go and tell others like his family what God had done for him.)
  • Who was saved along with the jailer in Philippi?  (His family)
  • Who had Cornelius gathered to hear a message from God?  (His close friends and family. This is the meaning of the Gr. word “Oikos.”)

How to Obey:

·    Each one of us has our own “Oikos”, that is, people whom we are close to and have influence with.  List every one in your “oikos,” from the closest barkada or family to the strangers or casual acquaintance. The possible groups should include at least: 1) immediate family, 2) barkada, 3) workmates/classmates, 4) neighbors, 5) extended family, 6) casual friends and or suki’s in market, people you see on somewhat of a regular basis even if they aren’t friends.  (You may add other categories or groups if you wish.)

·    Organize them in groups of 5 that are compatible with each other (If these 5 were in a group, they would be comfortable),   and who are most open to the Gospel, or those whom he would most like to have saved.  Then list your groups in list of importance to you, those closest to you, or those you think most likely will make a decision to follow Christ. (Group A, B, C or Group 1, 2, 3, etc.)

·    Start praying for them. Pick a partner if you can.

·    Show your list next meeting and your partner will hold you accountable for how many times you prayed for your list

Verse to Memorize: Jesus did not let him but said, “Go home to your family and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you.” Mark 5:19

Prayer – Pray for needs in group and ask for God to confirm His message in their lives through Spirit’s witness.

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