A Heart Like Mine by Bryan Duncan is a song that is more like a personal reflection on the state of our hearts to our Lord Jesus Christ. This is probably the best song that I’ve heard from Bryan Duncan.

A Heart Like Mine Lyrics

by Bryan Duncan

Of all the hearts in the world
I’ve only one to give
So insecure, a desperate pulse
Racing to Your embrace
That You could want me and seek me
Is more than words could ever say
That You would love me and see in me
A pearl of price, thrown away

A heart like mine
How could it be worthy that You’d find
A way to redeem this hardened clay
Twisted and broken
Oh Father God above
The wonder that You’d love a heart like mine

Your holy hands hold me still
Shaping my heart anew
Once vacant shell now reclaimed
Offers its praise to You
The one who searched till You found me
A wounded lamb whose gone astray
You stopped the world to recover me
Oh Lamb of God, the price You’ve paid

Repeat Chorus

I make my promise to
Do the one thing I can do with abandon
I can give every heartbeat to You

Bryan Duncan – A heart like mine.mp3

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