One of the most difficult things to develop to men ministry is the spiritual discipline. Not too many books were written about spiritual disciplines for men. Most men are preoccupied with their jobs specially that they are the head of the family.

Patrick Morley explained in this book the importance of spiritual disciplines to men. Men were not only called to be in the church, but to be a part of the church. They were called to lead the family especially in spiritual matters. A Man's Guide To Spiritual Discipline by Patrick Morley

This book  talks about ways where we can develop spiritual disciplines which also makes this book a valuable resource to read. Not too many books talk about spiritual disciplines especially to men. But this book gives a good answer on how to develop spiritual disciplines because it talks about practical things that we can do and apply readily.

This book can also be a good discipleship material for men. So if you have a men small group, you need to have a good foundation on spiritual discipline and this book can help you to achieve that.

So what’s inside the book?

This book will teach you:

  • About men and his role in the creation.
  • The importance of the Bible.
  • Developing prayer habit.
  • Importance of worship.
  • Importance of honoring God on Sabbath.
  • Importance of fellowship.
  • Importance of getting a good counsel.
  • How to fast.
  • Facing spiritual warfare.
  • Becoming a good steward.
  • Serving God.
  • Engaging in evangelism.

Where to use this book?

If you are a pastor or a male church leader and you desire to have a good foundational teachings about spiritual disciplines for your men, this book can be a good textbook.

You can use this book in:

  • Your small group.
  • Your discipleship training.
  • Leadership development.
  • And even during the prayer meetings.

Though the approach of this book is for men, most of the things that you will learn actually applicable even to women who longs to obey and be used by our Lord in works of service.

This book is now available in the Philippines, published by Church Strengthening Ministry.

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