The most awaited filing of the Bangon Pilipinas Movement, the filing of certificate of candidacy of Bro. Eddie Villanueva. I can’t help but to congratulate Bro. Eddie Villanueva for being so brave in filing his candidacy along with his running mate Perfecto Yasay and some other people like Kata Inocencio and Alex Tinsay.

This “PURE” political party has no money, lacks man power, and lacks some preparation. None the less, they will be meeting the rest of political parties in the battle field of politics.

The group is composed of undefiled new politicians who aims to bring a PURE government, a godly nation, and a dignified people in the government. I would say that Bangon Pilipinas Movement is the “Dream Team” politicians of the Filipinos.

The big question however remains, HOW WILL THE FILIPINOS ACCEPT THIS DREAM TEAM? As of now, Bro. Eddie is still at the tail of surveys. The cause is pure, the goal is clear, the vision is at hand, but will they win the election? Would they have the same picture from the video clip below?

There is a pressure in terms of political strategy for the Bangon Pilipinas. But as far as I assessed these people, Bro. Eddie along with his fellow candidates are not hungry for power so as they are totally different from the rest of politicians who runs under the opposition and under the administration.

Bro Eddie And Perfecto Yasay Filing their COC

Bro Eddie And Perfecto Yasay Filing their COC

Yours truly still remains in the middle. I am still trying to weigh the flow of politics. However, I must admit that my heart is still inclined with my fellow brothers in Christ. It’s just, it’s too difficult to convince myself that Bangon Pilipinas will stand a chance to win in this upcoming election since there are too many good contenders compared to the past presidential elections.

There is only one thing that I do not want to happen, that is for the administration to win. I am tired with the corruptions of the administration. And now, all their plans is slowly creeping in place. President Gloria Arroyo is running for congress, a very good example of a woman who really have the LUST FOR POWER. Never satisfied of what she’ve got.  How about you guys? Would you allow the administration to continously rule our nation?

This decision won’t be too difficult for me if Bro. Eddie along with Perfecto Yasay run first for senatorial line which I believe they will stand a better chance of winning and more time for preparation for the next presidential election.

Will this move work? Nobody knows. But I am sure, everything is already at the hand of our Almighty.

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