All I Do by Hillsong Australia (with chords and lyrics) is a praise song about the One who gave us direction in life and made us hearts and mind stronger. It is about living our life for the Lord by getting up and praising him.

All I Do by Hillsong Australia is from the album “Blessed”.

Here are some songs by Hillsong:

All the Heavens – is a worship song about telling the world that our Lord lives and singing hallelujah to our King.

By Your Side – is a praise song about asking for the things what the Lord wants us to do and for our life.

Gonna be Alright – is a song in which tells us that everything is gonna be alright if we have Jesus in our life.

All I Do

by Hillsong Australia

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Intro -> Fm7 – Bb7 – Gm7 – C7 (4x)

     Fm7      Bb7     Gm7         C7
I.   I wanted to find Where I was going
     Fm7       Bb7     Gm7         C7
     Everything I tried It took me nowhere
     Fm       Eb            Dm7(b5)   Db
     I was so tired of just living my life
     Waiting for a sign

     Fm7        Bb7      Gm7        C7
II.  You came to my side Gave me direction
     Fm7           Bb7   Gm7          C7
     Strong on the inside I shine for you Lord
     Fm          Eb            Dm7(b5)    Db
     Now it’s my time Now I’ve made up my mind
     C7                       C7(#5)
     To be all you want for me

          Fm7  Bb7   Fm7  Bb7
Chorus:   All   I    do
          Fm7           Bb7       Gm7 C7
          Is live my life for you
           Fm         Eb     Dm7(b5) Db       C7
          I know it’s true I’ll never let you go
          Fm7       Bb7        Fm7  Bb7
          All   I    do
          Fm7          Bb7      Gm7 C7
          I’d do anything for you
          Fm   Eb     Dm7(b5)  Db            
          Everything is in your hands
          C7(#9)                          Fm7
          So I get up, Get up and praise you

          Fm7 Bb7   Gm7            C7
Bridge:       And I know where I’m going
          Fm7 Bb7   Gm7            C7
              I know where I’m going

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