“And as for me, You uphold me in my integrity and set me before Your Face forever.”

Psalm 41:12

What a comfort to know in the Lord that “Big Brother (Jesus) is watching you.”

So often when we hear that phrase—“Big Brother is watching you”—it refers to government’s increasing scrutiny of her citizens.  There are cameras at intersections to see if you’re running a red light.  There are security cameras in businesses and on street corners that are used in criminal investigations.  And, now there are satellite tracking systems in cars that always know where your car’s at and can even open locked doors or shut the engine down.

Yes, increasingly, “Big Brother is watching you.”

Yet, today’s Manna should inspire thanksgiving, not terror, in all believers—for it reminds us that the Lord God. . .the One Who created heaven and earth. . .has set His Eyes on those who love Him with all of their “heart, mind, soul and strength” (Dt. 6:5; Mt. 22:37). . .and will always be there when we need Him (Ps. 46:1; Heb. 13:5b).  Hallelujah!!

Perhaps we’d do well to liken this unto the fixed gaze between two, head-over-heels, in-love individuals who can’t stand to be apart.  Where you see one, you’ll see the other.  When they’re out eating at a restaurant, they’re enthralled with each other and oblivious to what’s going on around them.  When they’re driving down the road, they look like a two-headed driver from behind because they’re sitting so close.  When they’re taking a walk, their arms are around each other and every now and then their eyes meet, no words are spoken, but 1,000+ words are communicated between them by sight alone in that special moment.

And, so it is (or should be) between us and Jesus, the Lover of our souls.

The Hebrew word “tamak” is used for “uphold” and means “to obtain, keep fast, hold close, follow close behind, retain, maintain, etc.,” and connotes a nearness of presence—a virtual “clinging to,” if you will.  And, “natsab” is used for “set” and also means “to station before, appoint, rear up, establish, settle, etc.”  Thus, it’s a beautiful picture of the Heavenly Father, Whose Eye is always on the sparrow (Mt. 6:26; 10:29-31), always seeing where we are and knowing what we need.

How does this make you feel, Pilgrim?

Blessed?  Loved?  Reassured?

It should.  And, it should also remind you that our all-seeing God always knows what we’re going through (Ps. 139:1-2).  That’s why David wrote/sang that the Lord’s Hand would continue to “lead him and hold him wherever he went in life” (Ps. 139:7-10).  And, that’s why “praise would continually be in his mouth” (v.14a), especially as he remembered how “precious and numerous God’s thoughts were of him” (vv.17-18).

So, do not allow yourself to feel like Elijah did that day when he sat down under the juniper tree, feeling all alone and wishing he could go Home (I Kings 19:1-4).  You’re never alone, Pilgrim—not when Christ, the Risen Immanuel, is with you (Mt. 28:20).  Rest in Him today, confident that He will “guide you with His Eye” (Ps. 32:8) simply because He loves you and can’t take His Eyes off you.  Glory!!!

By Tom Smith Morning Manna Dated November 3, 2010

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