The Word Is Taking Over The FREE Bible Softwares

In my previous post about FREE Bible Softwares, I presented there three Bible Softwares which are totally free namely: E-sword, Bible Times, and The Sword Project.

A past few days ago, a man commented on the bottom of the post and it mentioned about “The Word” which is also a totally free Bible Software. By this, I was excited to visit it and try this totally FREE Bible Software.

I love FREE who doesn’t? And because of this,  I am sure you will also like this software as you have loved E-sword and the rest.

Now, let’s go into details of this Bible Software tool.

As A FREE Bible Software

The Word is totally free. Unlike other Bible softwares that is out there as you find them on your search in Google, most of them are only FREE for a 30 day period trial. Some are only free having a very limited book just allowing you to use it as a demo of what they give. The Word however literally means totally FREE.

It has NO:

  • Registration Forms
  • Payment Forms
  • Spyware
  • Adware
  • Malware
  • and even Advertisement

My personal rating would be “10”.

As A Bible Software Being Evaluated

The Word has so many “button tools” that even a novice can literally figure out the use of each button. What I like the most so far is its fast response and the NOTES within the texts. There are links within the text that functions as a commentary which is though existing in other Bible Softwares, it is rare.

The versatility of the platform is excellent and has the MOST options in the way that you want to look like and feel comfortable with in comparison to the Bible Softwares that I ever used and evaluated. And because of this, I am deeply convinced that I should make a separate review of this FREE Bible Software.

for screenshots

Guess what, you can even install it in your flash drive so that you can bring it anywhere.

For the platform and the look and feel, I would rate this software a staggering “10” being it the highest from 1-10 rating.

As To The Content Of This Bible Software

Just like the E-sword, The Word depends on the FREE open source Bible copyrights. It doesn’t have the most excellent books since Publishing companies don’t want to give permission for that. After all, it’s business.

In comparison to E-sword, it also has modules that you can download and install. However, I believe that E-sword still has more books than The Word. But the most helpful FREE books exists to both softwares to which I don’t think should affect so much when it comes to usability fo the content.

For this, I would rate this software with 7


In my personal evaluation, I believe that The Word has overtaken E-sword in its versatility of its appearance and functionality. It simply has the most optional functions that will certainly suit your needs.

On the other hand, E-sword remains the king of the content among the FREE Bible Softwares out there.

In the end, I still wish that these two Bible Softwares will come readily available for linux because as of now, it is only for Windows users. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot use this if you are using linux.

for instructions in installing these softwares if you have Linux Operating System.

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