Do you doubt Bro. Eddie for electing him as president? Here are some answers to pave the way for those doubts.

Last December 2009, I prayed harder to finally decide who will be the candidate that we will be supporting for presidency this coming 2010 presidential elections. I only have two choices, Bro. Eddie Villanueva or Noynoy Aquino. I have had respect to both candidates since both of them have shown that they were not lovers of position and of money. And both simply wants to have a genuine change.

I wrote this article so to share what made me decide to go for Bro.Eddie and as I try to answer the issues being thrown against him, I hope this article will also be an eye opener to all Christians out there who doubts to support Bro. Eddie.

First, I will be presenting the most common issues being thrown against him and then my answer.

Bro. Eddie is a pastor, and pastors should not be running for government positions because his calling is to pastor not for government positions.

Ans. By far, I haven’t really seen a passage in the Bible that prohibits spiritual leader to be political leaders. In contrast to this, we can pinpoint characters in the Bible who were both political leaders and spiritual leaders. And we can see from the Bible that political leaders who were godly brings up nation.

Bro Eddie And Perfecto Yasay Filing their COC

Bro Eddie And Perfecto Yasay Filing their COC

We have David, we have Solomon (at least in his early days), we have Josiah, Moses, Joshua, etc. All of them were leaders not only of a religious group but a nation called Israel. And so far, there is no clear proof that the Bible prohibits a religious leader to become a political leader.

So for Christians who hold for this position, please give a clear passage that says it prohibits a pastor for becoming a political leader. I already have read so many comments and passage quotes, but I really haven’t seen a clear and strong passage that prohibits pastors for political positions.

I believe that being a religious and political leader at the same time is just a matter of personal conviction.

Bro. Eddie is doing which is against the law. Church must be separate from the State.

Ans. This issue is very childish in approach. If Bro. Eddie’s candidacy was really illegitimate, then he should have been disqualified from the 2004 elections. But he wasn’t. Simply because his candidacy is COMPLETELY LEGAL, as provided by the Philippine Constitution.

Bro.Eddie is not a Church by the way. Reviewing the definition of a Church, a Church is not a building nor an individual person. A Church known to be the ikklesia in Greek, is a group of people who believe in a common God. Bro. Eddie’s candidacy only puts him to that position, not the whole group of Jesus is Lord Movement.

Bro. Eddie doesn’t have an experience in running the government.

Ans. I really doubt this. I strongly believe Bro. Eddie is capable in running the Philippines. One lawyer said, “If Bro. Eddie will be elected, I will give him three to six months, he will be ousted as a president.” Such statement is very common to lawyers who put their faith on Gibbo. But that is just an over statement. I do believe Bro.Eddie is highly qualified for this position.

Let’s go and check who is Bro. Eddie. Bro. Eddie is the CEO of Zoe TV. He is a businessman, the CEO/Senor Pastor of Jesus Is Lord, the CEO of Bangon Pilipinas Political Party, an economist by profession, a former activist, a professor of Polytechnic of the Philippines for years without asking for any payment. A student of law in UP College of Law.

Let me just make this clear. Bro. Eddie is not a dumb candidate. If the late President Cory Aquino, a plain housewife was able to survive several cou attempts, I believe Bro. Eddie stand a FAAAAR better chance against it. Bro. Eddie is a man with experience in leading people. We are not talking about leading a few hundreds, we are talking about millions of people.

Well, granted that he lacks some higher government positions, but seeing all his experiences, I believe he can learn it far better than the rest.

Bro. Eddie is “mayabang” claiming that he can change the nation.

We are talking about political ads. As I always here from other people, they say that Bro. Eddie should not be claiming that he is the “pag-asa ng bayan”. Again, this is only a childish talk. I believe no candidate would ever say in his ads “do not vote for me”. Let us be real, this is politics and we aim get voted right? And we should be showing what we can do. It’s like selling yourself, to be hired. I doubt if it is pride or “kayabangan”.

Well, a better way to answer this is to browse over, review all the candidates’ ads and judge for your selves if who is really “nagyayabang lang.”

A good example is Gibbos’ campaign. It just ended “posible lang kay Gibbo.”

Bro. Eddie is a “compromiser” with other faiths.

Other Christians who were against Bro. Eddie is because of this issue. They say that Bro.Eddie is a compromiser. Attending inter-faith rallies, making an alliance with other religious groups, etc. In addition to this, Bro. Eddie have made some statements that is against the faith that he profess.

Well I really don’t see anything wrong with him having political alliances with other faiths. He is running for a political position remember? I also do not see any problem with that because it is more  on living at peace with everybody. I believe it is stupidity to be attacking other religious groups instead of showing them the love of Christ which is all the more encourged in the Bible.

Christ even though he suffered from all those ridicules, we can see that Christ showed love to all people and did not fought back. I believe Bro. Eddie is just practicing in living at peace with everyone even of other faith.

Concerning his statements which contradicts to the faith that he profess, well, Bro. Eddie is just an ordinary person. He commits mistakes. Who hasn’t? I believe even those who criticize him committed mistakes too. To his critics who attacks him with this, “let him who have not committed a mistake throw the first stone at him.”

Bro. Eddie will only put shame to our Lord if he loses this election when his winnability is very low.

Yes, Bro. Eddie’s winnability is very low, I do agree with that. And I also agree that if that happens it will shame the name of our Lord. However, I believe that all the more that the name of our Lord will be put to shame if I, a fellow brother in Christ cannot even vote and do not even have any trust to my fellow believer.

Funny because even the Muslims trust that he can bring a change in our government, while his fellow believers doubt him more than the rest of the candidates. That’s why all the more that other groups laugh at us. Hope this will be a wake up call.

Being a part of the evangelical Christian group, I believe I should give my trust to my fellow believer and I believe as what the Bible says that all the more I should give favor to my fellow brethren in Christ. And because of this, I believe I am doing the right thing. It is not about winnability, it’s all about being one in heart, in mind, and in goals.

The problem with many Christians is they only want results without any hardship. Some are very good in criticizing but do not even takes the initiative for a change to happen.

Bro. Eddie will only promote his religious group Jesus Is Lord.

I strongly disagree with this. As Bro. Eddie along with the Bangon Pilipinas Movement, they have made it clear that running for politics for political renewal. Sad to say, the Philippine politics is in its extreme levels of corruption and degradation. If only we can renew and change the ways of the Philippine politics, then there is a bigger chance that our nation will rise up.

But let us say that Bro. Eddie will do it. So? Are we not happy that the same faith that we have received will reach more people all the more? Or, we are just criticizing him for this because we are  jealous for what he achieved and can achieve? I always remember one of our mentors in seminary who said, we also have to learn to be happy when a fellow brother in Christ is being blessed.

Good thing I am not a JIL. I am just a believer of Christ.

Bro. Eddie is too judgmental against other candidates claiming only to be the “righteous one”.

I think being judgmental is out of the issue of what Bangon Pilipinas promotes. It only promotes righteous and honest governance. Those who hate that statement simply just hate correction. See for yourself and be my guest if you believe that the Philippines have a “righteous and honest government.” Proverbs 12:1 “Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, be he who hates correction is stupid.

As I said, Philippines is already at its critical level of political degradation and political immorality. I want change, and I am sure you also want it. Why should I then put again TRAPO’s back in place? We need to change them through the power of our votes.


I believe there are also other candidates who can definitely bring out the change in our government, and it’s not only Bro. Eddie. And at the same time I believe Bro.Eddie can also bring that change.

I vote for Bro.Eddie simply because I believe he is the most qualified for the position and the cleanest candidate to take hold of presidential position. Furthermore, he is my brother in Christ Jesus.

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