“Arise, shine—for your Light is come and the Glory of the Lord is risen upon you.  For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth and gross darkness the people; but the Lord shall arise upon you and His Glory shall be seen upon you.”

Isaiah 60:1-2

Awake, O slumbering Pilgrim—for the Light of the Morning I see.

Darkness-, Dungeon-Dwellers.

That’s what we were before Jesus, the Great Liberator of the soul came to us (Is. 61:1-3).  Like prisoners languishing in hopeless despair in some dark, damp, dirty dungeon. . .shackled hand-and-foot. . .we were “without God and without hope” (Eph. 2:12).

But, then, we heard Something.

We heard footsteps drawing closer and closer.  Steady and sturdy were they—almost like a soldier marching.  And, before we knew it, Someone appeared outside the cell door with its rusted, grime-ridden bars.

Suddenly, we heard His Voice saying “Open unto Me!”

And, the prison door swung open of its own accord.  No key.  No tugging or pulling.  It opened.  Then, in the most lovely Voice—yet One with its own unique authority—said to the chains that bind, “Loose him and let him go!”

Immediately, the chains loosed their grip and fell to the floor with a thud.  And, just as quickly this Visitor with strange scars in His Hands reached down and lifted us up, drawing us close to His side.  His strong Arms held us securely, knowing our legs were weak and unsure.

Then, together, we walked out of the germ-infested, vermin-ridden cell. . .down the long corridor. . .and through the outside door.  At first our eyes could not see—for they’re blinded by the brightness of the morning sun.  But, slowly, ever so slowly our eyes began to focus and for the first time we looked clearly into our Rescuer’s Face.

And, it’s the most beautiful Face we’ve ever seen.

A winsome smile. . .piercing, yet gentle eyes of Love. . .looking deeply down to the depths of our being. . .as He lovingly brushes away the grit and grime from our face. . .and tenderly bends over and kisses us on the cheek.

What a Savior!  What a great Salvation!

Oh, dear Pilgrim, today the Master is calling to you. . .and you. . .and you. . .and me:  “Arise and shine—for your Light has come!  And the Glory of the Lord is risen upon you!  From now on you, who were blinded by self, sin and satan, can see.  The scales have fallen from your eyes.  And, My Glory now resides within/upon you.  Yes, arise and shine!  You are free!!”  Hallelujah!!!

By Tom Smith Morning Manna Dated October 23, 2009

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