Just logging in, baptized 3 new believers today. Every quarter, it is our ministry goal to conduct baptism to new believers in the Lord. We are doing this for several reasons:

Baptism June 26 2016

  1. It allows us to focus on evangelism and discipleship.
  2. It gives us a better picture on where we are in the ministry.
  3. It encourages our ministry partners, members and other people who are involve in praying and supporting our ministries.
  4. It is the evidence and the testimony of the work we have in Christ.
  5. It helps Church growth.

I believe most Churches wants to have growth, spiritually speaking and by the numbers. But perhaps we also need to ask ourselves, what are we doing in our Churches? Are we doing evangelism? Are we capitalizing on our visitors? Do we have a program for Church growth?

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We have to understand that evangelism, baptism and discipleship are all intentional work in the ministry. No one (perhaps there will be a few) will want to sit down and listen to the gospel, no one will also volunteer to be baptized unless asked, and no one will ever want to spend additional 1 hour a week to have discipleship. So this means that we do have to do our assignment, that is to intentionally executing these spiritual responsibilities of informing our prospects about the opportunity of following and serving Christ.

I am not sure about your Church if you do have a program for these things. If none, then perhaps you need to rethink what you have been doing for the past 3 years. Here are some questions to start with:

  • How many people you have baptized?
  • Have you started a new Church?
  • How much growth did you achieve for this past 3 years?

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