Want to be a partner?

Here’s how you can help us:

For our pastors and workers

Donate Study Bible – We aim to provide study Bibles for our students, specifically to our students who can read and write and understand Enlish. Most of our students cannot afford to buy Study Bible no matter how useful it is for them to learn. It is just too expensive for them to buy that. There are 3 specific Study Bibles that I personally recommend if you want to donate:

  • NIV Study Bible
  • ESV Study Bible
  • Mc Arthur Study Bible
Bro. Anselmo Fevidal

Bro. Anselmo presenting the gospel.

Please shoot me an email if you want to donate Study Bible.

You can also send it here:

Ormoc Lighthouse Christian Ministry
c/o Ptr. Vincent Olaer
924 F. Ablen St. Cogon,
Ormoc City, Leyte
6541 Philippines

For our Churches

Help us acquire church land and building – Some of the churches that we are helping grew in numbers and is already ripe to have its own land and building which is strategically useful in strengthening our presence in these specific locations. Here are the churches that badly need land and building:

  • Lighthouse (Ormoc) – Already has a land and building, but it needs to be improved and extended for we are no longer fitted in the current building. Our number has already grown.
  • Lighthouse (Tacloban) – Though the youngest of the churches planted and is assisted, it shows the most promising potentials for future ministries. Strategically located in Tacloban City itself, Lighthouse Tacloban is consistently growing and is becoming stronger. The vision is to become one of the major players in evangelism and discipleship hub.
  • Lighthouse (Milagro) – One of our churches and is the only church that we have upland in Ormoc. This church already gave birth to a new house church in a nearby baranggay, the Lighthouse (Tongonan).
  • Lighthouse (Margen) – This church is growing and is located strategically along the highway going to Isabel.
  • Lighthouse (Mabato) – This church is located near Margen. This is also a very important spot especially that this area is one of the first areas where our ministry started.
  • Lighthouse (Manlilinao) – This church is one of the first churches that have been started. Though located inland, this church plays as a major outpost in inland ministries.
  • Lighthouse (Lanipga) – This church is formerly located in Domonar. For the sake of better strategy, we decided to relocate in a more populated area.
  • Light Bearer Church (Dulhogan, Palompon) – One of the latest network church of the Lighthouse has been badly damaged by Typhoon Haiyan and is need some repairs.  God is already answering this need.  Thank you Steward Baptist Church in South Korea for your heart to help.

Please shoot me an email if you want to donate for land and building project.

For our pastors

“Help raise and support fund for our local pastors” – Our network churches is now 14. Therefore, we have at least 14 churches covering the areas of Baybay, Ormoc and Tacloban. We also have 14 pastors (including me) who are pastoring these churches. All these churches are supporting their pastors the best they can. However, these churches are made up of mostly farmers, and people who doesn’t have enough and therefore, supporting their pastors well enough is not possible. An average pastor we have receives between $12-$20 a month as their ministry support. We are praying that at least we can increase it a bit more.

We just need at least 14 “families” who are willing to commit between $20-$50 a month (you choose the length of your commitment) to adopt 1 pastor to support.

Once you decide to adopt one of our pastors, you can either send it to our church account and shoot me an email about it, or you can go to and send your support through them. Make sure to email them that you are supporting the ministries in the Philippines under our group in Ormoc, Baybay and Tacloban. Also make sure to shoot me an email to follow it up and so to confirm that we have received your gifts.

Supporting our pastors will enable them all the more to extend their work in the ministry fields. Not to mention that these pastors are already tested in their perseverance in the field. This is a sure way to bless God’s work.

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