Partners In Evangelism International (PIEI) – An interdenominational missiin organization whose heart is to spread the gospel through partnership with the national missionaries.

Back To Bethel Ministries – Headed by the founder of The Lighthouse Resource Center, Ormoc, Rev. Tom Smith. His “Morning Manna” has inspired many Christians across the globe. This daily dose of spiritual bread has a powerful impact in the lives of many people including me. I would say that Rev. Tom Smith is the new Oswald Chambers of our time.

The Lighthouse Resource Center is now known as Ormoc Lighthouse Christian Ministry.

Link to story4all Story4all is run by my friend Bryan Thompson. Bryan’s ministry is centered on podcasting and telling stories from the Bible. He travels around the globe to conduct and join seminars on story telling.

Story telling is a fun creative way of sharing the gospel to others. It gives several advantages in areas of evangelism, training, and teaching. It is not offensive, it is very simple, and most of all, it is Biblical.

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