It has been almost a year now since I attended the seminar-workshop called “STS” Simply the Story. The workshop teaches about how Bible stories can be used effectively in our ministries. I already have made a post about the process of telling Bible Stories and you can see it HERE.

I know and I believe some of you have been my classmate in this workshop and we can all agree that it is indeed effective. But I am a type of person who really wants something beyond that, something that fits my context, something that also can be understood by my people.

So I reviewed the process and tried to work on it and think on some ways where I can use these stories. Then I just found out that I can even use it in my personal devotions. I can use it in edifying myself and in the process edify and encourage others as well. Not to mention that I will become an expert Bible Story Teller.

Here’s what I do:

  1. I pray before reading the story. I pray that God will reveal in me things that I can learn from the story.
  2. I read the story repeatedly until such that I can understand what it says.
  3. I walk slowly through the story and begin observing spiritual truths in it by asking questions to my self. If you want to try this, please do note that you cannot use “Why” question to avoid conclusive idea. Just stick with  the story and do not ask questions that is not found in the story. Furthermore, also avoid asking questions that will lead you to “Yes” or “No” questions to promote continuity in your meditations.
  4. I ask more questions to clarify what I have just learn.

I already have posted a couple of Bible Stories in our blog; “The Creation Story” and “The Ark In Dagon’s Temple”. Please observe the “Things To Ponder” and “Treasures to Discover”.

Try to read the story first and understand it. Then go to my “Things To Ponder” and answer it first. Then as you medidate, answer the questions found in “Treasures to Discover”.

I only posted several treasures to discover in these stories. But I believe there are more. It’s up to you to discover it and try it.:)

So if you will see a post primarily on Bible Story accompanied by questions, don’t wonder why. It is because I want you to focus on the story and discover truths yourself in it. The questions that I included are just some of the guides in discovering those treasures.

I am just here to encourage you to try it and be blessed with  bountiful treasures imbedded inside each story.:) God bless!!!

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