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5 Reasons Why You Need Sermon Manuscripts

Many preachers doesn’t care writing their sermons in detail. I still remember my father who was also a pastor, all he does is write his sermon outline and that’s it. He does his study, make some notes, but not a manuscript. However in my time now, I decided to write...

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8 Tips Where to Get Sermon Ideas

You must be probably wondering how pastors preach every week and then after 10 years, they still have sermons that are totally different from the one they already preached. Where do they get all those sermon ideas? Well, it’s not actually surprising. The Bible teaches...

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Paul’s Life Goal

Paul in Acts 20 is already giving farewell to Churches they planted and revisited. He knew deep inside him that his time is about to come. And these are his last words to the Christians he ministered. Acts 20:23-24 23 I only know that in every city the Holy Spirit...

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A True Champion for Christ

My father Pastor Virgilio Olaer passed away exactly a week ago. Our grief with my Mom's passing last January 4, 2017 is not even over yet when Pa died last Saturday. Nonetheless, we believe that they are in a better place now. No more sufferings, no more pain. We...

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End of Winter Bible Sale

Hey! Are you waiting for a Bible sale where you can buy your favorite Bible with huge discounts? It's about time. is holding their End of Winter Bible Sale. Over 900 Bibles will be up to 90% off. This will only run until March 6. Click here or on the...

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What Comes With Repentance

Just this evening I delivered a short  exhortation on our Prayer Worship, and it is all about repentance. Asking forgiveness is different from repentance. Asking forgiveness is simply saying sorry, while repentance is supposed to be turning away from sin or sinning no...

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