The post today will tackle about boosting your discipleship program of your church. We all know that as a church, we need to have a discipleship program or else, the general membership will become a part of nominalism. Of course there are lots of factors that affects nominalism, and how much more if we do not even have a discipleship program?

Here are some practical ways in improving your discipleship program.

1.Evaluate your existing program. Is your program effective? Did it produce good results for the past year of efforts? If the answer is yes, I suggest that you continue this program. If the answer is no, then I think its time for the next step.

2.Revision of strategy and approach. If your current strategy proves to be ineffective and unfruitful, there will be no reason to continue it. Continuation of ineffective programs will only add burden to your church both financially and physically.

In revising your approach, you have to consider the the amount will it cost, the people who will be involve in the shift of your program, and the amount of time will it take in order to see the results.

3.  Start the campaign. Implementing the campaign can create a possible disorder inside the church. To avoid this, it is always better to inform the general assembly first before you implement changes. In my own experience I used to announce the possible changes at least a month a head oftime. And not just the announcement, I used to promote the new program showing all the    possible advantages that it may give. This will prepare them emotionally and be excited of the     new discipleship program.

4.  Implement and follow the plan. Any plan is without effect without implementation. In discipleship program, it is very important to implement what was really planned. Any unnecessary changes must be well communicated or else it might all end up in chaotic start. We have to remember that some of the members most probably were able to adopt the former program and changing it would require them more adjustments than you thought.

5.  Re-evaluate your program. It is a “must” to re-evaluate your new discipleship program as you implement it. See if the new discipleship program is doing good and bearing good fruits. If it did not do a good job, either you have to improve it, or you have to drop it and start a new one.

Note: The idea is, you have to work on things that best suited for the majority of your congregation. Don’t be afraid to drop the unfruitful strategies in exchanged for a better one.

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