Brand Build It A One Stop Web Solutions For Pastors, Ministers, Missionary and Churches

Brand Build ItAfter a month of work and setting up, I am happy to announce to you that I am officially launching Brand Build It.

Brand Build It is my latest website that talks about website and blog making. It’s basically a portfolio of tutorials, tips, tricks, brand building techniques, web 2.0, search engine optimization etc. In short it is all about setting up a website or blog for your online existence and online business.

Brand Build It is a one stop shop solution for web 2.0. I provide online services such as website and blog setup, web tutorials, search engine optimization, logo making, marketing tutorials, wordpress and blogger tutorials, and many more. I made this to help not only ordinary people but also pastors and workers who dream to set up their own professional looking website or blog.

How Pastors, Ministers and Churches Can Benefit from Brand Build It?

There are basically lots of things that you can do with your blog or website. It basically give you tons of advantages compared to those who doesn’t have one. Just try to consider this short list:

  • Most members (especially those in the US and Europe) have internet connections in their own homes and utilizes it as tool of knowledge. Having a blog or website can help those people to reach them in those terms.
  • Blogs and Websites can be a good tool in presenting your Church and your Ministries to the world, fully automated, 24/7.
  • Blogs and Websites can be a good medium of communication. It can remind people of the focus of your Church or Ministry. There is now “Shout Tool” for websites and blogs. And you can also help encourage your audience to browse godly sites instead of browsing filthy sites.
  • You and your ministry have a potential of millions and millions of readers. Today, we can now integrate our websites and blogs to other social networks like facebook. Not to mention the raw traffic coming from searches in the internet.
  • Can help your Church and ministry raise funds for your projects. I am not simply talking about asking money, I am talking of some other ways of monetizing your website like selling something to support Missions and Outreaches of your Church, or helping sick people in the hospital, and most importantly paying for your expense in your internet connection and website host.
  • Your website and blog can give you a lot of friends and connections. Within the first few months when I decided to make my website, I have increased my friend list to over 100%. I made friends with other pastors from other places, to younger generation who are potential leaders, and even to those who are not engage in a Church.

And since I am a minister myself, I understand the constraints of making websites especially for those older generation pastors. That’s why aside from giving tutorials, I also offer services in very a affordable prices, way lot cheaper than any other web support companies. And all these for churches, pastors and workers who wants to set up a ministry website.

So why not check out Brand Build It now? If you want more information about my services and price quotes, simply contact me through the contact form at Brand Build It. Will be waiting for you there!!!

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