“And He said unto me, ‘Son of Man, can these bones live again?’. . .”

Ezekiel 37:3a

Within the secret confines of our hearts

Lies buried a hope, hidden from view;

It’s an inward longing of the soul

That affects all we say and do.

Mere words are incapable of expressing it—

This deep desire of our heart—

For it’s buried so deeply down within us,

Which we’ve had from the very start.

What is that hope that lies within,

That others cannot see?

It’s the hope of starting all over again—

Yea, a desire to be unburdened and free.

Free from the burdens of the past

And the shackles of guilt that bind;

Free from the torture of “What might have been”

As we leave the past behind.

In Christ we find such a message of Hope

That’s been brought to us from Above;

It’s the Message of “New Beginnings”

That’s rooted in the Father’s Love.

No one on earth can go back and undo

The sins and heartaches of yesteryear;

We can only try to begin life anew,

Even in the midst of great heartache and tears.

Because of Christ and His Victory on the Cross,

There is a “Land of New Beginnings;”

It’s found when we surrender our lives to Him

That we are enabled to sing:

“Free at last!  Free at last!

In Christ I’m free at last!

Free to begin life all over again

As He frees me from my guilt and the past.”

–Tom Smith

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