Center of my life by Hillsong(with chords and lyrics) is one of my favorites in the songs of Hillsong, from the song itself, how we put God as center of our every life and let Him move in us.

Center of My Life

by Hillsong

intro: Bb-Gm-Eb-F 2x

I          I
let my walk speak loud
let my words be true
Eb                Bb
let my life be whole
when my eyes on you

(same chords above)
so i'm steppin' out
from my comfort zone
let it go of me
holding on to you

freedom comes

when i call You Lord
Cm              F
You are Lord my God

             C            G/B               
You are the center of it all
        Am               F
the universe declares it all
C/E                 F       G               
Your Majesty i surrender all
                  C          G/B
i make You the center of my life
          Am             F
Lord i respond with all i am
C/E                  F
You place to me the song
Am            G
of heaven's melody
       F        G                 C           
Your majesty i live to sing Your song


i have found Your peace
every place, any fear
You had done it all i can trust in You

-reapeat refrain then chorus-

this is Your song my God
this is Your song that brings healing to this land

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