This book was not intended to hurt anyone nor to specifically pin point people. However, if I have to describe this book in 4 words, it would be “slap in the face”, slap in the face of hypocrites. It is a very direct book that fully describes its title.

Christian Nga Ba O Assuming Lang is  full of true-to-life examples that I am sure every Filipino Christian can relate. And most probably, will come to realization that in one point of their Christian life, they have acted as someone who is just “assuming” Christian. Christian Nga Ba O Assuming Lang

Taking this book positively however, can surely bring smile and a little laugh upon seeing a clearer picture what we’ve been when we are still younger in the faith. It’s not just an eye-opener book, but it is a direct rebuke and correction of what should we need to become. A true Christian in faith, and not just a mere assuming Christian. The book’s goal is to bring out the authentic Christian inside us.

Finally, the book is fun to read. I am pretty sure that you will love to read this book. It’s a short book, and it’s in Taglish version which is perfect for common Filipino to understand. This book is a two thumbs up!!!

Here’s a short introduction of the book.

About Dr. Armand Canoy

Dr. Armand Canoy is the current president of Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary. He formerly served as the senior pastor of University Baptist Church – Manila from 1999-2012. He finished his Master of Divinity in 1989 at PBTS and his Doctor of Theology in 2009 at Asia Baptist Graduate Theological Seminary.

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