Just like my previous post, this is an answer from a Born-Again Christian friend who was asked by her own friend about the RH bill and why Catholics are so against it. The “SEX” issue over the church is a real big issue. I do hope that both the Catholics and non-Catholics will be able to understand each other’s reasons.

Here’s the excerpt of the letter:

My friend asks: “Would you enlighten me on your stance on the controversial RH bill? A lot of Catholics are very much against it.
What are your thoughts?”

Short answer: evangelical/born-again/protestant Christians are encouraged to plan their families…but oppose abortion. Contraceptives like pills and condoms prevent the sperm from fertilizing the egg. Abortion is murder (Christians and Catholics agree here.)

Long answer:
Earlier in my life, I had the sense that anything having to do with sex was evil, and having sex to have children was a necessary evil. I think that that’s the message being proclaimed by Catholic leaders, especially in the Philippines.

In fairness to Catholics, this is also a common misunderstanding in mainly born-again-Christian US. But in any case, this view turns out to be unbiblical.

For example, Song of Songs (also known as Song of Solomon) is all about the love of a married couple. They talk about their love for each other and their friends sometimes join in the “song”. They praise each other about their character, but also their appearance and yes, sexual body parts (but it’s very tastefully done 🙂 ). Here’s something important: no children were mentioned. They were having sex because they love each other (not because they were planning to have kids)! And it’s OK because they are married (they made a promise to God and to each other to be faithful)! Remember, this is what God’s Word says!

(This is so revolutionary because my thoughts on sexuality were very perverted…It’s so shocking to learn that God isn’t the killjoy I thought He was, especially on sex!)

I got to read Bible-based books on love, marriage and/or sexuality. Along with the Bible, they explain that sex is God’s gift to us, and sexual desire is part of an ideal marriage, especially a God-centred one. 🙂

In the beginning, Adam and Eve were naked and unashamed. When sin entered the picture, all the good gifts of God were corrupted in how we perceive and/or use them. For example, food is great, but wanting/having too much food is gluttony. In the same way, sex is great, but it is so good that we need to (1) honor God by having sex according to His standards of a monogamous, heterosexual marriage, (2) honor our future husbands by not having sex with anyone else, whether before or after we get married, and (3) honor ourselves, to not just give our bodies away for the sake of fleeting pleasure, money, or other reasons. (Women are especially more prone to give our “souls” away along with our bodies.)

If two people are already married, having sex is part of the deal and even encouraged, to build the bond of love between them. The message turns out to be consistent from Genesis to Revelation.

(Ironically, one requirement for being a bishop is he should be a husband of only one wife (1Timothy 3:2), and a deacon should manage his family and household well (1 Timothy 3:12). Priests were banned to marry only in 1022. I bring this up because it’s an example of going farther away from God’s Word and focusing on external behavior or personal opinions.)

The problem with the Catholic Church’s stand is that (as I understand it), couples are told to mate only if they are ready/planning to have children. In other words, around two to three times in their whole lifetime. This is tragic because it is the complete opposite of what God Himself advocates.

Of course, if the couple is not financially ready etc, that’s where the contraceptives come in. Anyways, the Biblical constraints to have sex are the couple must be married to each other (and that’s it!).

Side note though: I sympathize with the Catholic Church whenever I see condom ads and the like, promoting sex for pleasure. In politics and health areas, we call it “reproductive health” — but very rarely do we see ads focusing on the health of the mom or the readiness of the family (especially the poor). More often I see the Frenzy condom ads that promote sexual promiscuity and lust 🙁 (I sympathize because ayoko rin naman ng RH bill if it promotes premarital sex and adultery.)

From Teci.

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