I got this email from a Catholic friend that responded with the “SEX” issue in Christianity. The post is all about artificial birth control. We all know that the Catholic Church is against all birth controls except the natural ones.

Here’s why the Catholic Church is against it.

The stand of the Church against abortion and sex-related action that tend to destroy human dignity from conception till death has been going on even before the Bible was written (see Church Fathers’ writings). Biblical or not, it goes against God’s plan for Man. As per the sexual act, it is truly a gift (pleasure and procreation) but if we change the “and” into an “or,” it becomes a destructive flame for mankind.

1. Pills are advertised to prevent conception but it is well known that they also add in a “plan B” chemical compound that weakens the uteral lining of a getting-pregnant-woman preventing implantation. Hence, though “plan A” prevents conception, there is always a possibility of killing a human being in his early “days.”

2. Condom is a contraceptive device, no doubt. However, like any other artificial contraception, this promotes promiscuity most especially to very young and ‘curious.’  Unwanted pregnancy increases not because of the net increased “risk” due to much higher incidences of sexual acts (“try lang, safe naman”, “just for fun”, etc.) though lowered (only about 80-90% effective, but more than 100% increase in sexual frequency increase).

3. If we do close analysis, artificial contraception may also increase incidences of sexual abuse even within married couple. From the “news” and “reports” around, wives are actually having sex against their will just because of their husbands’ sexual urges mostly under chemical (e.g. alcohol) influence. Even so, it becomes rather “safe” for women to be sex slaves to earn money since in any way there will be no “danger” of getting pregnant. Hence, I believe contraception is never a “reproductive health” for women.

4. The increased promiscuity among population (increasing the age width for sexually active fraction of the populace, going even lower than 15 year old!), also increases cases of HIV and other STD/STI cases. Note that even condom is not that effective in preventing these diseases from spreading. The case in Africa is a good example for this.

5. Overall, the Church is against the attack on the human dignity which the sexual act can be going against if the procreation part becomes optional from the equation of Marriage Love.  Theologically, I cannot imagine the Groom or the Bride lookin ONLY for pleasure in creating their Children! (see Revelations to John)

Hence, selective abstinence and faithfulness of spouses (monogamic sex only within marriage) can truly be the only long lasting solution to the sex-related problems of the human race.

I stand by the Church’s ideas on sexuality even if it is difficult, the point is that we try to be chaste.

From  Johnrob

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