Christian Theology by Millard Erickson is probably the best theology book that I have read. Dr. Erickson presented theology in an understandable way that even lay people can understand it and not just the seminary students.

It’s really worth reading each page of it. He covered a vast area of subjects in theology. What I love about this book is that Dr. Millard Erickson treated each views on various subjects with respect and fairness.

Here’s what other people say about this book:

“I bought this theology at the urging of one of my ministers at Church. I found the book deep, but not overwhelming. Erickson comes from a robustly evangelical, gently Calvinistic” by Jacob Altken

“Christian Theology” by Millard Erickson is a comprehensive, seminary level, evangelical systematic theology. Erickson is obviously well studied in a vast array of theological issues from various schools of thought. Typically he will present common viewpoints on a subject and then make an argument for his own position. Most of Erickson’s positions seem clearly Calvinistic, but he treats other views with fairness, appreciation, and respect. Though I come from a dissimilar denominational background and some of my personal views are very different than his, I never felt my beliefs were under an unfair scrutiny or malicious attack. The book was so engaging and interesting that I actually found it hard to put down. I highly recommend the book to anyone desiring to study Christian theology at a seminary level.” by Tod Hudnall

“Millard Erickson is one of the most prolific evangelical theologians writing today. His CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY is (from what I’ve read) the most widely used systematic theology in Baptist seminaries. The doctrinal perspective of this work is premillenial, baptistic and moderately Calvinistic.” by Steve Jackson

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21820: Christian Theology, Second Edition Christian Theology, Second Edition 

By Millard Erickson / Baker

The first edition of Erickson’s Christian Theology was the standard for conservative evangelical systematic theology. Erickson has updated Christian Theology based on the feedback from theology students and professors. Erickson also added a chapter on postmodernism, and has included chapter objectives, summaries, and study questions.

Erickson writes from a conservative, evangelical, Baptist perspective. He is reformed, but not ardently Calvinistic. Christian Theology is a technical/semi-technical work, requiring knowledge of Hebrew and Greek (Erickson has added Greek transliteration to go along with the existing Hebrew transliteration). It is designed for use in seminaries, but is accessible to educated lay-readers as well. Scriptural quotations are generally from the New International Version, though Erickson defers to the original languages.

At over 1300 pages, Christian Theology offers incredible depth of detail. Its meticulous analysis of the major issues in theology will prove helpful to all theology students, and Erickson’s chapter summaries and study questions easily lend themselves to the classroom setting. Christian Theology is an indispensable tool for pastors, students and church leaders.

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