Boosting Church Corporate Work By Having TEAM

Do you ever wonder why your Church have difficulties in taking another step in the ministry? Hope this sermon will give us some insights of what we need to have to boost the corporate ministerial work of our Church. (Please see note at the bottom of the sermon).

Title: Church Needs a Team

Text: 1 Corinthians 12:4-27

By: Ian Pilongco


Have you wondered why a group disintegrated or if not, becomes stagnant? Have you wondered that there are well talented people with the same field of interest but cannot group themselves? These are simple but realistic questions that each one of us needs to ponder. We should be aware on what to consider in order for our church to sustain and grow to its full potential. Here are some points as viewed by Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 12.

Talents to Nourish (v4-11)

There are different sections, say committees, in church ministry that serves different functions. Each of these sections are composed of individual talents that works together for a common specific function. However, there is a danger that talents become scarce as maybe some of its members moves out whether intentional or not. If this is happening to our church then it is time for us to explore the talent that is lurking within us. This is highly expressed in verses 4-11 that each one of us has our own unique individual talent. This talent could be one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit which is in the form of wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, miracles, speaking or interpreting. Once this talent is discovered, the next thing to do is to nourish it by joining an appropriate section.

Esteem of One’s Self (v14-20)

Even if we have all the talent but we don’t have self esteem to let it out then it’s still futile. How to get self esteem? Just know the purpose of our service to God and, with this alone, it can motivate us. Self esteem produces courage, determination and passion. Our great leaders like the apostles started with this one and see the results they made. Once it pops out then there’s no way of stopping it. In verse 14 quotes “Because I am not a hand, I do not belong to the body”. If you think like this one then you will lose self esteem. Instead, consider your talent as one of the vital parts that constitute the whole structure of the church.

Acceptance by Others (v21-24)

Given you have the talent & self esteem but when you join a certain group you are not welcomed. What would you feel then? It’s either you feel isolated or you want to back out. That was what Paul experienced at first when he joined the apostles especially when he was known to be a persecutor of Christians. But later on, when he was accepted, his contributions were far more than others. In verse 21 quotes “The eye cannot say to the hand ‘I don’t need you’”. Thus, as a group of Christians, we ought to embrace each other particularly the new ones. Let us believe that our fellow Christians have unique talents that may contribute for the benefit of the church.

Merge with Each Other (v12-13, 25- 27)

Now, we have an ecstatic group of talents aiming to serve for a common goal, we still need to be united. Is it possible that even if we are all accepted but the group still doesn’t work cohesively? The answer is yes. There are many groups that have thousands of members but yet all their plans and programs were not implemented successfully. Sad to say, that even in the church, these different sections could work separately not aligned to the vision. Verse 26 emphasizes that if one part of the body suffers then all the other parts suffer with it; if one part is praised, all the other parts share its happiness. Each section or group should work hand in hand with each other like one of the links of the chain. If one breaks, everything becomes useless. So, let us start of putting our minds and hearts with the principles of unity.


What the church needs is a team that has talents, self esteem, acceptance and unity. Paul said that we are Christ’s body and each one is a part of it. Thus, looking at all his perspective, it is imperative for us to look inside ourselves to learn on which part of the body we belong and linking ourselves in unity as a one whole body for one ultimate purpose – to serve God.

Notes: The “Talent” stands for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. This is to differentiate clearly that pure talent is totally different from gifts.

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