“Watch, therefore—for you know not what hour your Lord does come.”

Matthew 24:42

Could today be the Day when the Lord does come

To welcome His children home—

Those who’ve trusted Him as Savior and Lord

And have chosen no longer to roam?

Could today be the Day when the Trumpet sounds

And the “dead in Christ shall rise,”

To be joined by those who are still living by faith

And of His Return no longer surmise?

Could today be the Day when all labor shall cease

For those who’ve been born again,

Who know that salvation is a free Gift of God

That plucks them from life’s sinking sand?

Could today be the Day when all sorrow shall cease

As the Father wipes away all our tears

By drawing us close to His loving side

And banishing all of our fears?

Yes, today could be that long-awaited Day

When the Savior will come for His own;

He’ll gather us up in the twinkling of an eye

As He leads all His faithful Pilgrims Home.

We’ll all be changed in a split-second of time

As the Bridegroom ushers us in

To that place He’s been preparing for His chosen Bride,

So free from heartache and sin.

Could today be that Day when faith becomes sight

And all sorrows and troubles shall cease?

Yes, today could be the Day when the Battle’s been won

As we enter that Land of eternal peace.

Do what you can in the time that remains

To lead as many as you can into the Ark—

For it won’t be long until the Lord comes again

And on that Heavenly journey we finally do embark.

–Tom Smith

Morning Manna Dated November 26, 2009

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