Dakila Ka by Musikatha is all about praising God and lifting his name to the highest. It’s not too long, but the message of the song is direct and striking.

This is a praise song that will surely put your feet to the beat.

Dakila Ka

by Musikatha

B5 - D5 - E5 - G5 (4x)
B - F#5 - G#m - E5 (3x)
B - F#5 - E5 (Pause)

Verse 1:

Wala nang hihigit
Sa kaluwalhatian Mo
Sino pa ang papantay
Sa kapangyarihan Mo

Tagumpay Kang Hari
Banal at totoo
                F# - E - F#7


(With Harmony riff)
B     F#5    G#m   E5 - (Lick 1)
O Hesus   dalika Ka

B     F#5    G#m   E5 - (Lick 2)
Luwalhati, halleluya! , halleluya!
(Repeat 2x)

B - F#5 - G#m - E5 (3x)
B - F#5 - E5 (Pause)

Repeat Verse
Repeat Chorus (2x)

Guitar solo
(B - F#5 - G#m - E5 (4x))

Bass solo
(B - F#5 - G#m - E5 (4x))
Papuri koy ibibigay
Buong Lakas, Buong Buhay
Sayo Hesus Halleluya!

Repeat Chorus (4x)

- Dakila ka by Musikatha Lyrics and Chords

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