3 Essential Qualities  Of A Discipler

Source:The Adventures of Discipling Others: Training in the Art of Disciplemaking” by Ron Bennett and John Purvis

Note: All the Lessons published in this series are my personal notes in my study and is not an exact duplicate of the book. I strongly suggest that you buy the book for a more detailed and useful study.

33481: The Adventure of Discipling Others: Training in the Art of Disciplemaking The Adventure of Discipling Others: Training in the Art of Disciplemaking

By Ron Bennett & John Purvis / NAV Press

Jesus believed in the power of one. From the woman dawdling by the well to the tax collector dangling from a tree. Jesus called out and mentored the individual. He turned the beleaguered into the beautiful, the meager into the mighty, by pointing them to God and spotlighting their potential. He knew one person could stir up the world and make a spiritual difference. Just like Jesus you can pour faith into believers, helping them grow spiritually and fulfill their unique niche in God’s kingdom. With The Adventure of Discipling Others, anyone can mentor and love the process. Reading this book you’ll cultivate a passion for life-to-life discipling. You’ll discover the amazing impact one life can have on another.

1.A discipler should be walking by faith.
Moses has been a prince of Egypt in his childhood up to the time of his early adulthood. One time in his life, he tried to saved an Israelite being punished by the cruel Egyptian. After killing the Egyptian and with his fear of the Pharaoh, he went to the desert and lived there.

After a while, the Lord appeared to him asking him to lead the Israelites our of Egypt (Exodus 3:11). But Moses’ immediate response was to question God about His judgment in choosing him.

Sometimes, we are very like Moses who keeps on questioning God why he chose us. Perhaps, we already tried leading other people before but failed on the process. With this, we feel that we are incapable of doing so.

2.A discipler should have a heart for the people
. It will be hard for us to become a discipler unless we do not have a heart for the people. Compassion for the people  is one of the most needed requirement. Without this, making relationship with those whom we meet, and a potential disciple is impossible to achieve.

“A disciple maker’s goal is to build people up in Christ (1 Corinthians 8:1). Building up people is impossible without love and compassion to our disciples. Furthermore, we should become a good example to our disciples in life, in love, and in labor. If we cannot be a good example, then what good can they teach to their future disciples?

3.A discipler should have a life patterned to Jesus. The reason why we were called Christian is because we are “follower’s of Christ”. As a follower of Christ, our “Focus” should be on Jesus. We have to be watchful in everything we do thus, Paul warned us in the book of of 2 Corinthians 11:3 to see to it that our minds and devotion should be set on Jesus.

Teachable spirit, the second thing that we have to possess as a discipler. All of us are learners, both the discple and the discipler. The Bible continuously reminds us that we have to be teachable even if we were already the one discipling.


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