Divorce in the Philippines is planning to take over Filipino values and culture. It’s all over the news, the Philippine Congress is now pushing forward the Divorce Bill right after they have put forward the Reproductive Health Bill. This is exactly what I have been worrying about. Just a couple of weeks ago, when I attended our Baptist Convention Meeting here in the Visayas, this issue was brought up. And just as what I have stated, “RH Bill can also lead to the Divorce Bill” because they have the same proponents.

I know lots of Evangelical Christians are pro-RH Bill. But what they don’t know is that the proponents of RH Bill are also the proponents of Divorce Bill. And now that they almost got what they want, they are now preparing for another wave of controversial bill which will open a highway for immorality and degradation of Philippine culture and religious standards and beliefs.

Here is a list of the known supporters of RH Bill and Divorce Bill

RH-Bill                       Divorce Bill

Liza Maza                    – Liza Maza

Risa Hontiveros         – Risa Hontiveros

Janette Garin               – Janette Garin

Edcel Lagman             – Edcel Lagman

Luzviminda Ilagan    Luzviminda Ilagan

Now if you are pro-RH Bill but Anti Divorce… THINK AGAIN!!!

Why I am Against Divorce in The Philippines

Divorce in the PhilippinesIt is not what God wants. Since I started Biblical studies nothing in the Bible that will tell you that God favored and felt better for divorce. It was only allowed due to the hardheadedness of men. God did not made man and woman to be united and then separated if they got into some problems.

If you fear the Lord and his commands, there is no way that you will agree on divorce. This is not what God wants. As simple as it is. Even if some pastor and theologians quantify it as a “necessary amputation” as far as I remember what my American Theology professor said, I would say that divorce is divorce, and God hates it. It was only men who wants it, not God.

It is not the answer to the growing violence against women and children. Most divorce advocates gives emphasis on the growing children and women abuse. But I really do not see it as a solution for these problems. In fact it extends to the growing problem of immorality and sexually related diseases and problems such as unwanted pregnancies and sexually related diseases. And I believe that you will agree with me that these problems are a threat to women, children and even family.
But why? Simply because people were given the so-called choice and chance to change while the fact is, it is where the so-called “rights” is abused. It is where many people make use of the right and abuse it for their own self-centered selfish quest for happiness and will only bring them to the same situation again and again and again. That’s why you will see people divorced not just once, nor twice, but multiple times.

It gives a wider path to domestic problems. As I mentioned earlier this right has proven to be easily abused. And we are not actually giving people a solution to their problems, but a chance to repeat the same mistakes. Divorce is like a medicine… but an unrecommended one.

For example, there is a an abusive husband who have been divorced by his wife. This husband will then just look for another woman to abuse. While the woman if she’s the one having some problems, she will just look for another guy and if things will not get well, all she has to do is to apply again for divorce. Ridiculous isn’t it? It is just a picture of FREEDOM TO TRY MARRIAGE.

It gives a wider path for immorality and marital infidelity. Immorality. I guess this is not so much “in” nowadays. It’s something that most people don’t want to talk about except those that are of the religious sectors and religious people. I hate to say this but the Philippines have a steep moral degradation and that is why most of these divorce proponents put forward a SILLY SOLUTION for various problems.

Did we not learn from the US? Did the stats of violence against women and children dropped by the use of divorce law? We talk much about the positive things that we can get from the divorce law, while the negative effects far out weighs the positive.

Here’s the summary of the advantages of divorce:

  • Spouses will have a “second chance” for a happier life.
  • Spouses will have a “second chance” for a non-violent life.
  • …. “second chance”
  • …. “second chance”
  • …. “second chance”
  • to be happy…
  • to be happy…
  • to be happy….

My goodness… is there any solid advantages of divorce bill than being self-centered and selfish reasons??? What about your family??? What about your children??? That’s what family is for… Divorce is not only anti-Filipino, but is anti-Family and anti-marriages. It simply opens a wide range of disadvantages over the family.

But here’s the list of what they are not talking about:

1. One out of every two marriages ends in divorce.

2. In 1991, only 50.8% of American children were living with a mother and a father. The numbers have worsened since that study.

3. Approximately 4% of American children are living only with their father.

4. The vast majority of children who are raised in a two-parent home will never be poor during childhood. By contrast, the vast majority of children who spend time in a single-parent home will experience poverty.

5. Children from female-headed homes are five times as likely to be poor as children in two-parent families.

6. Four times as many divorced women with children fell under the poverty line than married women with children.

7. Children from disrupted marriages experience greater risk of injury, asthma, headaches, and speech defects than children from intact families.

8. Suicide rates for children of divorce are measurably higher than for children from intact families.

Read more about the Side Effects of Divorce and see that there are more side effects than that of a solution.

So What’s The Real Answer?

Fear of God and teach Morality… Morality… and Morality…. If we have the fear of God and we understand what morality means, then we understand the real answer to the growing problems related to violence against women and children.

Divorce is definitely NOT a TRUE medicine nor a solution to the growing domestic problems. I see it just like illegal drugs which may have a little benefit of easing the pain of the patient. But in most cases, it is an addictive medicine that can kill and destroy life and relationships.

And finally, let me state this as Filipino as possible:

HWAG PO TAYO MAGING “GAYA-GAYA SA IBANG BANSA”. Nag-approve lang ang Malta na magkaroon sila ng divorce, tayo gusto na rin natin. Wala na bang maisip na batas ang mga Congressman and Congresswomen natin kundi mga gaya-gaya na batas?

It is NOT TRUE that you will be happy with second chance. It is NOT TRUE that you will gain your happiness back when your marriage fail and divorce is the solution. The only solution for marital problems is to adhere what the word of God says…. “Wives, submit to your husbands. Husbands, love your wife as you love yourselves…” (Ephesians 5:22-33). This is where you gain happiness and fullness of marital life and your family.

Want Deeper Advise on Marital Problems and Biblical Teachings About Marriage? You can read:

Biblical Teachings About Marriage and Divorce

How to Resolve Marital Problems

If you are pro-divorce… then you are anti-family, at least to Biblical standards.

Be a Pro-family…. Be an Anti-divorce!!!

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