The Program and Venue

The 18th Annual Associational Meeting of LASBC was held on October 27-29, 2010. This year’s guest speaker was Rev. Ferdie Taguiang. The theme of the meeting is “Doing Good To All” from Galatians 6:10.

Leyte Association of Southern Baptist Churches (LASBC)

This year we have 3 lecturers, Ptr. Bong Lamberto who taught the pastors, deacons, and workers about instances where we can do good to all. Charity lead the women’s group (the pastor’s and worker’s wives) on making soap, dishwashing liquid, cake, polvoron, bread etc. While Ptr. Emer Cables lead the youth where he taught about “doing good”.

Highlight of the The Business Meeting

The main highlight of the Business Meeting is all about the PhilHealth program of our Association. We discussed about the possibility of having a PhilHealth assistance program for our pastors.

The association decided to adopt the program and we are united to pursue to help our pastors who doesn’t have or is not covered in anyway by any health insurance. PhilHealth is owned by the government and is the cheapest health insurance program in the country.

Authority to draft the policy for the said associational program was given to the EXECOM and the group is positive to have the program implemented by mid 2011. For now, the association is open for any donation and sponsorship in adopting a pastor to be covered by the insurance program.

Future Plans

There are two other future plans that we hope to implement:

Repair / Pintakasi for the dormitories. We look forward to have a pintakasi to repair the roofs of the dormitories. Some people already have committed financial support for the said effort. We aim to install plug outlets, switches, circuit breakers etc.

We look forward to go back to the camp group (Abundant Life Campground) on January 27-28.

Pastors, Workers, and Missionary Fellowship. Suggestion was given to create and start to have Pastors, Workers, and Missionary Fellowship to give spiritual support for our pastors, workers and missionaries.

We’ve seen so many advantages of having this fellowship for this bring more unity, moral support, and spiritual support for pastors.

On the next EXECOM meeting, we will be planning on when can we have the Pastors, Workers and Missionary Fellowship. But we look forward that we can do this somewhere in November or early December of next year.

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