Dungog Ug Himaya (Honor and Glory)  is a Visayan/Cebuano Christian Song that came to Churches somewhere in the early 2000. This song is probably one of the most popular Cebuano Christian songs out there and it touched the hearts not only by the born again Christian communities, but was also adopted by the Catholic charismatic communities in the Visayas region of the Philippines.

I am still trying to have a little research of who composed this song and who first produced it. If someone among you knows the composer, feel free to comment below.:)

For my English only readers, I placed the literal translation in each line. May you like the music.

Dungog Ug Himaya (with Lyrics)

Verse 1
Dungog ug himaya (Honor and glory)
Sa langit ug sa yuta (In heaven and on earth)
Ang tanan o Dios Kanimo lamang (All is yours oh God)
Ikaw ang puno sa gugma (You are full of love)
Nga walay katapusan (That is without ending)
O Dios awiton ko ang gugma Mo (Oh God I will sing of your love)

Ginoong Dios (Lord God)
Mahigugmaon sa tanan (The lover of all)
Takus Kang daygon (Worthy of praise)
Ug simbahon ug halaran (Worship and offering)
Ang tanan kong gugma (All my love)
Ginatugyan ko Kanimo (Will be given to you)
Ang kinabuhi ko o Dios (My life oh God)
Kanimo lamang (Is yours alone)

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