Everyday by Hillsong (this comes with chords and lyrics) is a praise song and is about how we learn to stand upon the word of our Lord and praying to know him more and more everyday. For This Cause by Hillsong

Everyday by Hillsong is from the album “For This Cause” and “Everyday”

Let Everything That Has Breath – is a praise song about letting everything that has breathe including our soul to praise our Lord for his awesome power, greatness, and His Holy name.

Everything to Me – is a praise song about never stop on praising the Lord for all the things He has done for us.

Free To Dance – is a praise song about how Jesus gives us joy that makes us feel like dancing freely.


by Hillsong

INTRO:  E - B - G#m7 - F#7 (2X)

E           B
What to say Lord

G#m7            F#7                E
It's you who gave me life and I

B            G#m7
Can't explain just how

F#7         E 
Much You mean to me now that

B            G#m7
You have saved me Lord

F#7                E
I give all that I am to You

B        G#m7
That everyday I can

Be a light that shines Your name 

{    1st time                 }

{ time E - B - G#m7 - F#7 (2X)}


E          B           G#m7
Everyday Lord I'll

F#7                  E
Learn to stand upon Your Word

And I pray that I

G#m7                   F#7
That I might come to know You more

E                        B
That you would guide me

G#m7                F#7 
In every single step I take

E              B       G#m7
That everyday I can

F#7             B
Be Your light unto the world



G#m7  F#7      B
It's you I'll live for


G#m7  F#7  B
I'll follow after You

G#m7      F#7      B      E; 
I'll walk with You my Lord

G#m7 into Bridge

F#7 B           E    G#m7     F#7
It's You I live for everyday

F#7 B           E    G#m7     F#7
It's You I live for everyday

F#7 B           E    G#m7     F#7
It's You I live for everyday

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