Everything to Me by Hillsong United (this comes with chords and lyrics) is a praise song about never stop on praising the Lord for all the things He has done for us. It’s quite fast and is a little bit rock. King of Majesty Hillsong United

Some of the best songs of Hillsong:
For All You’ve Done – is a praise song about praising our Lord for all that He has done for us.

Yours is The Kingdom – on of my early favorites.

Ever More – praise and worship song that’s in between a little solemn and a little fast and noisy song. It’s actually a rock style music.

Everything to Me by Hillsong United is from the album called “King of Majesty”.

Everything to Me

by Hillsong United

Intro: A   E   F#m   D

      A		      E
Jesus Christ, King of Glory
D	A      E
Lord of all we praise You
F#m   D          A    E
  Forever Your name will be praised
F#m    D          A         E	   A   E   F#m   D
  Let Heaven and earth all raise

      A		        E
Jesus Christ, You're my savior
D      A     E
I will run after You
F#m   D           A      E
  For You are the Son of God and
F#m     D    A         E
  King over all the world

    A		 E
And I will never stop praising You
F#m	    D
For all the things You've done for me
A	    E
And I'll be Yours forever
F#m	     D    E	   A   E   F#m   D
Jesus You're everything to me

A	     E
Jesus You're everything to me
F#m	     D
Jesus You're everything to me

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