Exercising my right of suffrage and making my first vote ever is one of the most meaningful thing that I have done as a citizen of the Republic of The Philippines.

May 10, 2010, this day is one of the most historic elections ever made in the Philippines. It is historic for this is the first time that the Philippines had an automated election. And it is more significant to me because this is my first time ever to vote. The feeling is indescribable especially that I know exactly why should I vote, and why should I vote for my candidate Bro. Eddie Villanueva.

Though I was already registered since 2003, I wasn’t able to vote for the past elections because I have no permanent address and I have been transferring from one place to another while I was a student. But now that I have settled finally in one place, I was able to transfer my voter’s registration here in Leyte.

I woke up early morning of May 10 and have myself prepared for this historic day. There is one thing that has been going on in my mind, “today I will vote for what I believe is right.” And it will not be based on money, not based on popularity, not based on what others just say.

In the precinct,  we immediately fall in line. It’s very exciting for me because this is my first time ever to vote and it is timing that it is also the first time that we ever had an automated election. We patiently waited until it is our turn to vote.

I took the ballot and I was very careful in handling it making sure that there will be no reason that the machine will not read it. I brought with me the sample ballot that I have and carefully shaded the circles that precedes the name of my choice.
To my disappointment though, there is no local political contenders against the TRAPO’s of our city in the offices of Governor, Vice-Governor, Congressman, Mayor, Vice-Mayor and Board Member. I don’t want to vote for any TRAPO especially the disgusting local TRAPO candidates. I hate to say it, but this is a mere reality of our nation. It is filled with disgusting TRAPO’s who are only good in promises but making their offices a source of living. Anyway, to make the story short, I boycotted those offices to show that I am not and will never be for them even if I have no other choice.

After voting, we went and signed beside our thumb mark and went to the PCOS machine fed our vote, waited awhile until the machine tells that it was counted, then had our point finger marked with the indelible ink.

The feeling was great. Seeing that your vote has been counted and that you voted for the right person without the influence of money, your credibility and dignity remained intact.

I do praise God for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to vote based on my conscience.

Though Bro. Eddie did not win the election, my vote for him is still worth it.

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